More Project Cafe mockups

Fans continue to create mockup images of Project Cafe.

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cloud4952785d ago

I think the controller would look like the bottom of a 3ds

Misterhbk2785d ago

Just thought this. What if the screen on the controller is an extra option instead of having to use your tv? You could take the console and play directly from the controller or if you don't have a billion tv sets and the ones you do own are occupied you could still play. Just an idea.

ChickeyCantor2785d ago

That was already suggested in the many rumors ( including the images)

Oldman1002785d ago

I hope the controller is ergonomic.

blumatt2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I hope the controller isn't ridiculously expensive. lol With a rumored touchscreen on the thing, it would almost have to be around $80 minimum for just one controller. (Unless it's a super low resolution screen)

I hope they learn from Sony's mistakes and realize that people don't want to spend an arm and a leg on a console. Price will be key to its success, considering the Wii was bought mostly by soccer moms and the like, who bought it mostly due to its lower price (and motion controls, but mostly price).

Still, the new Nintendo seems very intriguing.

Peaceful_Jelly2785d ago

I find pointless to have a touchscreen in a controller. Motion sensing was "ok" but this is retarded.

MolotovMan12632785d ago

I can't wait to buy Sonic the Hedgehog Stream and take care of my Chao on the go

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