South Korea's curfew on gamers

Gaming crackdown: South Korea has introduced a new law making it illegal for young gamers to play online after midnight. It's part of a move to reduce online addiction.

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Slapshot822789d ago

So how exactly do they know how old anyone is that is online?

Let me just throw my 2-cents in here as well - shouldn't this be the parents job to handle instead of politicians? I don't condone anyone playing games in every free moment of spare time they have, but as long as my children socialize and get time outside and exercise, then they are free to play into the 'wee' hours of the night if they like, as long as they are awake the next morning for the days events!

Tommykrem2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Typical South Korea. Study, study, study, study. They're creating an aunfair pressure on their own people and then also on other countries that allow people under 18 to live once in a while.
Highest suicide rate in the world? Yup. North Korea has competition to worst Korea. Sorry, this doesn't really have that much to do with this. I just don't like South Korea.