Dutch OPM reviews Ratchet & Clank, Eye of Judgement, PES 08 and more

The Dutch Official PlayStation Magazine has reviewed some of the latest PlayStation 3-games, including Ratchet & Clank Tools of Destruction, Eye of Judgement and Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

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ShiftyLookingCow4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

they gave Orange Box a 93 which means its most likely running well without too many problems. good news

krackchap4079d ago

wow at another high ratchet score,shd get around or over 90 everywhere except microsoft defense force aka 1up
PS3=pixar station
play b3yond

Bathyj4079d ago

So that was the PS3 version of Orange Box obviously? Right?

How far away is that?

BlazeXXL4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

I think ratchet at least deserves a 9 or higher.

And dont even think about it xbots :P this game is AAA lol...

AllanWakker4079d ago

"Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction: 89% "



R&C is a straight 9.5 to 10/10. Anything lower is the usual fanboy review crap.

sjappie4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

the usual fanboy crap from Official Playstation Magazine? I just saw you for the first time yesterday and it's already pretty clear to me your a troll.

Disagree, all you want. How can you imply that OFFICIAL Playstation Magazine is biased against a ps3 game?

Popemup, are you talkin to me or to Allenwanker? I can't see the relation to either of our posts.

PopEmUp4079d ago

you mean GAlo 2.5 and having 9.5 rate from gamespot, that what I called fanboys site from x-box 360 and have you notice gamespot also list x-box 360 bioconic commander from capcom, gamespot has give it a 1# most wanted games of the week instead of listing PS3 version I wonder why

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The story is too old to be commented.