Last Character For First Templar

Player Affinity writes: "This week Kalypso Media released video detailing the third and final playable character in their upcoming cooperative hack 'n' slash game The First Templar. The new character Marie d'Ibelin is one of two possible companions who'll join the game's protagonist Celian over the course of the story. Players can switch between them for single-player adventures, but the game is designed to encourage multi-player coop."

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mananimal2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

How many copies of this crappy game are gonna sell?, my guess, maybe 150,000, maybe...yet theres an article it seems every week for this game that no one is gonna buy. Reason:? its the Content of the game, that the "Industry" is pushing, they could care less if it sells 500 copies, lol. They want to Program you to think like them, have their "World View". yes i understand how the "World Masters"(NWO,Social Elite,Masonic Order/Occult) think, you cant fool this "Critical thinker". I SEE YOU CLEARLY, nuff said. This Lame attempt to rewrite history is "EPIC FAIL". ...your time is almost up, Your Reign(Global Govt) will last for only what would equate to 1 millionth of a second, and then.....Eternal Damnation/Judgement. (J. Christ) p.s- should rename this game to: "The Last Feeble Rebellion against the Almighty, All Knowing, All seeing, God in Heaven".