1UP's TimeShift preview and screens

The TimeShift developers must feel like victims of their own time-changing technology. Over a year ago they showed off the "finished" product as an Atari title. But when Sierra bought the rights, the publisher saw a game that failed to live up to its potential, bit the bullet, and put it back into production.

TimeShift's biggest struggle will be tearing people away from other big shooters like Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. While making the time powers easier to use may have made the game more like the standards, and therefore more accessible, you have to wonder if that could also take away from what makes it unique. Its success now rests on whether the story of restoring the natural timeline can pick up that slack, and whether the intriguing multiplayer lives up to its full potential.

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Almighty4078d ago

This game looks awesomely generic.