KinEmote gives you full control of your Windows mouse with Kinect!

The clever people at KinEmote released a beta version of their Windows Kinect software that gives you full control over your mouse cursor by use of the Kinect sensor. The software tracks your hand with pin-point accuracy and translates that into mouse movements.

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Chocoboh2757d ago

If only they didn't take out the extra processing units/camera to cut manufacturing costs I probably would of bought one had it been good and not laggy. For both PC and Xbox360. But I'm content with my PS Move at the moment.

gamingdroid2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Well the PC should have ample processing power and the camera resolution doesn't seem to have an affect on accuracy as seen.

I'm not what higher resolution camera would do for you?

This would be perfect for simple internet browsing on the TV. It would NOT be a replacement for a mouse.

Chocoboh2757d ago

nah my main use would be for games but I'm not really to keen on the technology yet

gamingdroid2757d ago

It remains to be seen if it is viable for hardcore games. I don't think even with more fidelity it would be suitable by itself as a hardcore gaming device.

It is very hard to replace the controller that millions have trained themselves to use. Most people don't even like the PS Move for hardcore games, and that offers enough fidelity to be a replacement of sorts.

Hybrid games though will be interesting....

Swoon2757d ago

I'd rather use a mouse.

Miths2757d ago

Interesting as a tech demo, but obviously utterly useless as a replacement for a mouse - which I imagine it would still be even if it could track the individual joints of your fingers (which at best might put it slightly behind a mouse in speed and precision, while leaving your arms and shoulders tired very quickly).

I've never tried Kinect myself, but I imagine it's potential don't exactly lie in trying to compete with well established precision input methods - at least not on normal desktop/laptop devices.
Just as I'm equally skeptical about attempting to use my PS Move controllers for similar tasks (although they might fare a little better given their inherent better precision - and buttons).

Jezuz2757d ago

but it's an interesting concept though. Would be cool to play with

n4gisatroll2757d ago

Why woulD pc users use kinect instead of mouse. I mean most pc gamers play with the mouse and keyboard because they already think it's the fastest way to play games, rts and fps for sure.

coryok2757d ago

this probably took an hour or two to make lol - especially considering the complex parts (if you could call it that) are already finished for you; there has been programs running around for eyetoy for this same thing for years.

no depth is needed for this so the eyetoy drivers will likely work changing just a few bits of code

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