Kinect’s “The Gunstringer” Demoed in Austin, Tomorrow!

If you live in Austin, Texas, close to it or you just happen to be in the area tomorrow, then make sure to check out the Juegos Rancheros event held at The Highball this Sunday, May 1st, from 4-6:30 pm (GMT -6h) . At the event a public demo of Twisted Pixel’s The Gunstringer will be featured! The event is free and open to all so don’t miss it.

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rabidpancakeburglar2758d ago

Wow that trailer was just awful

VampiricDragon_2758d ago

i know........the game is embarrasingly bad.... but because its all kinect has right now people need to pretend its not

2758d ago
vikingland12758d ago

I guess it would be fun for casual gamers.I own Kinect,I still prefer the controler.

Gamerfans2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

nice try loner. Looking for some bubbles u troll? everytime i see your comments i automatically mark u as trolling. LOL!

NoobJobz2758d ago

I live right near Austin but I'm sure not going there just to see a demo. It would have to a demo of some game I really want to see like GTA V, Half Life 3, Shenmue 3, etc. Even then I may still not go.