David Jaffe Calls LightBox Interactive's Game "Super Fresh & Cool"

With E3 right around the corner, everyone is hoping that LightBox Interactive’s PlayStation 3 exclusive title will finally see a reveal during, or before, Sony’s Press Conference. After a recent slew of tweets from the developer’s President, Dylan Jobe, the internet has been buzzing with speculation about the title – heavily rumored to be Starhawk. Twisted Metal and God of War creator David Jaffe has now also joined in, tweeting his own thoughts on the game.

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Nitrowolf22487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

we've been waiting for this game for a long time now, can't wait till next month (May)

Dart892487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Wait wasn't Starhawk revealed the other day or was i dreaming??Cuz i remember reading tan article about it.

@Doctor i see what you did there xDD nice.

@below oh ok thnx.

metsgaming2487d ago

pretty much but it isnt like "official" which they actually come out and show you

Anarki2487d ago

I WANT STARHAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

Nitrowolf22487d ago

yeah it was but more info will arrive in mid may, or the official reveal of it so most likely a trailer

socomnick2487d ago

jaffee also though calling all cars was fresh and cool.

Now his latest game twisted metal will flop.

Pretty sure he thinks socom 4 is fresh and cool too.

This mans opinion on games sucks.

newn4gguy2487d ago

Calling All Cars was fresh and cool. It was an innovative take on multi-player racing/battle.

If it released today, sales would be through the roof! It's addicting!

Twisted Metal won't flop. It looks phenomenal an has "Twisted Metal" printed on it. I think it will do just fine.

Troll harder.

Hoje03082487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Recent posts from this idiot:

:/ these guys hacked a multi billion dollar corp, if you think these guys will get caught you must be crazy.

These guys are pros, they know how to remain undetected. Sony pissed off the worldwide hacker community and now its feeling their wrath nothing Sony can do for now but bend over and take it. #11.2
3d ago by socomnick

Sonys mickey mouse security is unexcuseable. Even if your CC info was not taken they have enough information to create lines of credit using your name.

This is unforgivable hopefully those affected sue the crap out of Sony and collect just damages. #2.2.2
3d ago by socomnick

Which is it, is Sony's security at a level that is "unexscusable" or are these hackers geniuses? Nice contradiction, moron. If trolling were a paying job, you'd actually have enough money to buy a PS3 and enjoy all the amazing exclusives that are releasing this year. As it is, you bring your worthless opinions and childlike grammar to N4G with a mission to bring down Sony, one barely comprehensible statement at a time.

ComboBreaker2486d ago

you can continue crying and whinning all alone, by yourself in the corner,


you can come join us, and have some fun too.

J_Cob2487d ago

I'm not too familiar with Warharwk, but is Starhawk going to be like Battlefront 3. I mean the way you were going to battle on land then fly into space in real time. That would be super awesome. I'll definitely buy Starhawk if that is the case. I really wish Battlefront 3 saw the light of day.

doctorstrange2487d ago

If I'm looking forward to DJ's game more than DJ's game. Can't wait to play both.

Uzesgelen_Goo2487d ago

lol sounds funny
to others one DJ is David Jaffe and other DJ is Dylan Jobe

Max Power2487d ago

Where is Captain Obvious when you need him?

ivant2487d ago


DJ's game is way over-rated while DJ's game has and will deliver, without a doubt.

rajman2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Warhawk was so much fun, played it so much between 2007-2009, clocking in over 1000 hours lol best multiplayer experience Ive had on the PS3. Really stoked for the official Starhawk reveal later this month

Nykamari2487d ago

WarHawk and MAG are my favorite multiplayers on PS3. Crazy thing is they both are multiplayer-only games and I was a singleplayer game freak!!!!

Troublesome6262487d ago

hell yeah cant wait for this. warhawk on my top 5 favorite ps3 games ever.

brew2487d ago

Sounds super fly and coolio. I can dig it.

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The story is too old to be commented.