Stunning Illustrations of Reimagined Nintendo Heroes

An artist going by the name of Agent Melon has illustrated reimaginings of Nintendo's classic heroes, from Samus to Peach.

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GamingForever2787d ago

Peach looks like a librarian in the one pic but wow, they are really ugly.. and by ugly, I mean, I don't want to make love to them...

ChickeyCantor2786d ago

They actually have classical looks.
How are they ugly?
Don't tell me you fap to Anime chicks D=

Slapshot822787d ago

Seeing Samus smoking a cigarette is disturbing! :(

LoaMcLoa2786d ago

Seeing her talking about her feelings throughout a whole game is even more disturbing o,o

SixZeroFour2787d ago

artistic, yes...appealing, personally, not so much, but i guess thats debatable

moe842787d ago

Idk, peeps. I thought they were pretty good. The last one with Peach, Samus and Zelda is probably my favorite out of the 4. Rocker Zelda ftw.

TheComedian2786d ago

At least they are not shameless grab for boners. They guy who made those paintings (because the amount of detail leaves the simple pic naming out of the question) really put some genuine work into them and it shows. Now if what is shown appeals to people that is another question...

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