Pachter: Nintendo 3DS Lite won't release until Christmas 2012 at the earliest

Nintendo Universe writes:

Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter has touched upon the subject of when gamers can perhaps expect a Nintendo 3DS Lite to hit the market, citing Christmas 2012 - Summer 2013 as his expectation.

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Warprincess1162667d ago

Why do people still interview this guy?

aviator1892667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Sweet, I usually don't like to pick up new hardware anyways. By then, I'm sure there'll be a awesome library for the 3ds. And it'll be lighter and smaller, which is a plus.

Jio2667d ago

I'm bored with Super Street Fighter IV 3D. Should've waited until Ocarina of Time

Samus HD2667d ago

and the battery will last longer :D

Urmomlol2667d ago

How do they make the 3DS even smaller?

Seedhouse2667d ago

I'm not sure if there'll be a 'Lite' version, I think Nintendo said that there wouldn't.

I imagine we'll still see a new iteration with improved battery life, and a larger screen maybe?

aviator1892667d ago

Or maybe it could just be a redesign or improved battery life to get a boost in sales.

Shnazzyone2667d ago

God dammit Pachter, when will you learn that trying to predict nintendo is a bad carrer move. Your always wrong. Somehow i expect a battery upgrade of some kind. But i might just be getting my hopes up.

Otheros002667d ago

It obvious that Nintendo will release a new version of the 3ds like they did with the ds.

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