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Poll: PS3 owners seem to have lost confidence in Sony's abilities.

Firstly we will look into the poll result following a recent article about hacker proofing PSN. We received 1,626 votes, asking if Sony would be able to make the system safe from hackers once back online; 63 percent said no, while 37 percent believes that they can. Looking at these results, it is clear that PS3 owners seem to have lost confidence in Sony’s abilities. (Industry, PS3, Sony)

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Shanks  +   1623d ago
Anger management.
limewax  +   1623d ago
Survey is useless, there was no way to prove that all the survey was PSN users and not even any control to prevent poll trolling. Needs to go back to school, this is business basics
-Alpha  +   1623d ago | Well said
^ Winning answer

Basic psychology, basic business, basic statistics, basic inductive reasoning, basic knowledge: a poll with an uncontrolled, weak sample is not indicative of an accurate conclusion.

Fake news generated by fake research, resulting in fake results to perpetuate fake information.

Irresponsible journalism
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radphil  +   1623d ago
"Basic psychology, basic business, basic statistics, basic inductive reasoning, basic knowledge: a poll with an uncontrolled, weak sample is not indicative of an accurate conclusion. "

This is what I've told people for years when a poll is generally taken on anything.

It's like how those "research" articles a while back took their findings on the whole gaming front in terms of behavior and mental capacity.
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DERKADER  +   1623d ago
45% of people know that 70% of Polls are usually wrong 50% of the time.
Biggest  +   1623d ago
The other 55% know that the 70% are usually wrong 127% of the time.
XRider  +   1623d ago
Using polls to gather data is probably the worst idea in history. Polls are impossible to calculate and vulnerable to corruption. The margin of error is too big to be taken as fact.
Ethereal  +   1623d ago
Thought the same thing as I read the article title.
sikbeta  +   1623d ago
Out of those 1,626 persons, how many of them don't have a PS3 in first place? lol @ internet polls
ssj2gohan83  +   1622d ago
Just to make it worse, there are people that will actually believe these poles just to bolster their own overinflated ego's. Case in point:

evrfighter  +   1622d ago
oh hey but it was ok to use that poll that showed people would stick by Sony.

for shame
ComboBreaker  +   1622d ago
"PS3 owners seem to have lost confidence in Sony's abilities."
However, Sony haven't lost confidence in its abilities, seeing as time after time, Sony kept getting up again after getting knock down, and proceeded to owning everyone, left and right.
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ownallconsoles  +   1623d ago
I haven't lost confidence. Poll must have been taken in a room full of 360 fanboys,

@Menech: I can deal with PSN going down, as long as I can still play all my Single player games.

What I can't deal with is my whole console going down like when RROD happened to my 360 numerous times. Now that is a confidence killer.
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Soldierone  +   1623d ago
Or just rigged on a site trying to get easy flame content up....
DarkFantasy  +   1623d ago
it's all these 360 fangirls hacking psn just read there chat logs its a ps3 hate fest..trolling mofos,fight fire with fire.
Menech  +   1623d ago
Then you must have a level of undying blind loyalty.

If the Playstation network going down for 10 days, and the possible loss of your personal details to hackers hasn't tested your confidence.

If you honestly think it needs to be a room full of 360 fanboys, for people to say there confidence in Sony has been tested then dam your an idiot.
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NeutralGamer  +   1623d ago

I'm pretty sure that to hack a PS3 you need to own a PS3...
Menech  +   1623d ago

Regardless of how wrong, ignorant and moronic DarkFantasy's comment is he's talking about hacking PSN.

To hack PSN all you need is a good old computer, and an internet connection.
Jezuz  +   1623d ago
Yup. Blame it on the Xbox 360 again
Suicide  +   1622d ago
Or it could have taken in a room full of ps3 fanboys. Lets not make assumptions. Polls are never accuracte.
NeutralGamer  +   1622d ago

Actually if you read over at PSX scene you would know that they hacked PSN through a PS3 disguised as a developer PS3.

So no Xbox 360 fanboy conspiracy here LOL.
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LOGICWINS  +   1623d ago
Getting an email saying that ur information has been compromised a WEEK after it has possibly already been compromised isn't something I'd take lightly.
artsaber  +   1623d ago
Oh yeah?
Let's see how fast we send emails to 77 million email addresses (plenty are fake) and see how long it takes you to do it.

My guess is more than a week, and that is after you research and determine the severity of the security breach. We shouldn't armchair quarterback Sony's security/reporting methods and how we would've done it better than a team of professionals. I am sure our results (A team of N4G'ers) would've proved worse.

I haven't lost anymore confidence in Sony than I have in a Windows OS, Java (and its infinite security holes), Amazon.com, or XBL. They are all capable of being hacked.

- "The only complete secure system is one that is turned off void of power, and completely unusable to a human being" - FBI
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Fallouts  +   1623d ago
i agree.. why the hell wait so damn long! its a privilage to have my info and you dont want to let me know if its been stolen, just leave us with a maybe maybe not all to save face and pray it didnt happen?! fvck outa here...
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TheDivine  +   1623d ago
Wow it would take a few minutes to send 77mil emails you type one and send to everybody you dont type up each one and manually send it lol. People are attacking sony a little too much but the fact is they messed up knowing people had the keys to the system and doing nothing, they messed up not notifying everyone for a week. Yes hackers did it but sony was irresponsible. I see way more fanboys blindly defending sony than fanboys bashing. All ive heard for a week is just go outside, im happy this happened i can finnaly play singleplayer, time to get sum trophies blah blah blah. People defending sony downplaying potential cc theft, identity theft, and anyone who has common sense about this bieng pretty darn bad gets blasted by the SDF. I love sonys games and systems and of course im gonna keep buying games but im pissed at sony a little and i think they were trying to hide what happened.
2v1  +   1623d ago
looks like the people answering where xbox fanboyz!
N4GMod   1623d ago | Spam
Baccra  +   1623d ago
Is One Piece real Shanks?
lodossrage  +   1623d ago
whitebeard said so
JLeVRT  +   1623d ago
Eh, Im still gettin my PS3. This shut down is only temporary...
Prototype  +   1623d ago
I actually lost confidence in the "other" fanbase because instead of being supportive they're actively skewing statistics, "revenge of RRoD," and posting typical "PS3 Doomed" articles.

To the polls though (the posted story) my question is "Do people actually know the ENTIRE story from the very beginning?" If not, honestly they shouldn't be allowed to vote.
4Sh0w  +   1623d ago
hmmm, remember when any random poll on any random site about RROD was once taken as gospel on this site? Surely we all knew the failure rate was high, but I doubt as high as some claimed. lol Now folks refuse to believe your average gamer(the 99% who dont live on n4g) even after receiving a email from sony themselves, stating their personal info MIGHT have been compromised and now this poll is UNbelievable, funny how ironic life can be. Thing is people may lose a little confidence but that doesnt in any way mean they give up on a brand the first sign of trouble, so just relax sony diehards, for most folks this just means they will be more cautious with their personal info they give out.
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fedexas  +   1623d ago
Wow...really? These polls are bound to be full of crap and pretty biased for that matter.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna play some Basara Heroes.
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Focker420  +   1623d ago
Probably because his level of steroid use wasn't adequate. Maybe if he put on 50 lbs. of muscle he may have made the cut.
aviator189  +   1623d ago
Lol good one.
But MS actually refused to let them depict the chief in such a gory game.
aviator189  +   1623d ago
Wait wtf. I didn't reply to this story...
What just happened...
Liuqahs15  +   1623d ago
hackers on n4g?
Raendom  +   1623d ago
I saw this in the submission section, it's clear this started out as a Blesinzki Master Cheif article, but was edited into this... which I've already seen on the front page.

Also read on another article the same thing happened.

N4G genuinely may have been hacked. :\
-Alpha  +   1623d ago
Read FishyFinger's answer below
Focker420  +   1623d ago
WTF?! This isn't the story I was posting in...
Fishy Fingers  +   1623d ago
Story changed just before approvel, user edited headline and another quality N4G post.
Infamous2  +   1623d ago
We have since when??
I can only speak for myself. I still have confidence in Sony's abilities.
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showtimefolks  +   1623d ago
if anything both ms and nintendo should learn from this in a major way.

i don't need any free games,themes etc,,,,

just the the psn upto date where i will feel comfortable putting my info and cc info

let's hope for psn to be back soon

kuroukage  +   1623d ago
Uhh PSN+ is NOT free.
showtimefolks  +   1623d ago
dude you don't have to have ps+ to play online
or do you?

play online for free
get themes,demos and trailers for free

so ps+ isn't needed i was just talking about the free psn to play lag free online
kuroukage  +   1622d ago
And you, like most of the people that say PSN is free, are missing the point. There are plenty of people who are PAYING for the PSN+ service; which is not free. Just like there are people PAYING for other services like DCUO. Just because you don't pay for these doesn't mean other people don't and aren't affected by it. Don't you think paying members deserve to be compensated? I mean it's nice that you don't pay a cent and don't care, but other people do. Would be nice for people to think about that before they start chirping about how PSN is free.
Xof  +   1623d ago
Have we?

All I care about is when the PSN comes back: I have some shit I want to buy.
Gamerfans  +   1623d ago
Wow! The media really does like to try to bring down the giant king of electronics. Sonys not even phased.
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Treyb3yond  +   1623d ago
Keep trying xbots, it won't make your console have games. Trust me.
Persistantthug  +   1623d ago
Actually, XBOX 360 does get a game next month.

First retail exclusive this year, if I'm not mistaken.

Good for them. :)
DWOM  +   1622d ago
nah.. that game is for PC too... so it's not an 360 exclusive or somthing
Persistantthug  +   1622d ago
So does this mean the celebration party is canceled?
spunnups  +   1623d ago
Thank you Hackers for ruining it for the rest of us.
sikbeta  +   1623d ago
"But, they're doing it for the gamers"

MysticStrummer  +   1623d ago
lol No, they really haven't.
Dlacy13g  +   1623d ago
I haven't lost confidence in Sony to make hardware...but I never had confidence in their network capability.
the_union_of_PS360  +   1623d ago
Wow really one this pole is stupid and two ps3 fanboys accusing 360 fanboys of rigging the votes and hacking psn... you guys should just calm down drink a coke and get on eachother's jimmys(the fanboys or girls) . Keep calm carry on
Ve3tro  +   1623d ago
Giant enemy crab.
Loner  +   1623d ago
Survey poll - 360 failure rate - 54 percent - PS3 Fanboys ecstatic

Survey poll - R U Confident Sony can Make PSN Hacker Proof - 49 percent saying that they would not move and 33 percent said yes they would

PS3 Fanboys - f**k polls - I haven't lost confidence. Poll must have been taken in a room full of 360 fanboys.Or just rigged on a site trying to get easy flame content up.... it's all these 360 fangirls hacking psn just read there chat logs its a ps3 hate fest..trolling mofos,fight fire with fire. etc et etc
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the_union_of_PS360  +   1623d ago
Exactly fanboys on both sides of the table are bunch of whining pricks if you don't like something shut your mouth up . HEY SONY SUCKS BALLS I bet you someone got angry after reading that maybe a little tear or how about this 360 SUX BALLS LOLZ RROD PS3 exlucives a lot lol
MysticStrummer  +   1623d ago
So you remember the survey, but not Microsoft's response... you know... where they didn't even try to dispute it...? Maybe that's because in multiple surveys done by multiple magazines and websites from 2007-2010, the 360 failure rate was anywhere between 30% and 60%. Talk about blind loyalty to a brand.
Bzone24  +   1622d ago
I haven't seen sony dispute this survey.
cr33ping_death  +   1623d ago
yeah i told them of all of my anger towards SONY and how i am not please with them on this poll.....oh wait..... they never asked me. another useless stupid survey/poll. how about they let SONY do a survey by way of a PSN message when it comes back. thats the only way it can be more legit.
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clintos59  +   1623d ago
Yeah sony is dead, im going to throw my ps3 away because I believe all these sites looking for hits lol. Choke on a dildo u sony haters.
blackburn5  +   1623d ago
Strange I read a survey that said the opposite. Can someone please tell me if their is a time limit to when all this crap stops rolling in. Call me when PSN is back up so I can game online again. There have been so many companies including banks that have lost tons of valuable info and made mistakes. Did they go out of business? Did people stop using their services? No. But Sony is doooooooommmmmmed..... as usual
NotSoSilentBob  +   1623d ago
As one article said earlier
"Feels like 2007 all over again".
_LarZen_  +   1623d ago
Yet another cry wolf article, spare me from more shit articles please for the love of God!
NotSoSilentBob  +   1623d ago
And in other News I polled all the people around me(not really just saying I did for attention) and after tallying the votes 90% of them say Elephants are Blue.
Mikey Mike  +   1623d ago
1600 vs 50 mill, go figure. The poll smells like a FOX NEWS Poll.
pupa  +   1623d ago
No system can be made 100% hacker proof against a determined bunch of low life brats. That all this false poll proofs.

@article writer's. Get a life you useless PSN news leeches.
oghost85  +   1623d ago
this is how i feel about the situation
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kuroukage  +   1623d ago
All the fear mongering is starting to get old now. If I didn't know any better I'd think this was a new campaign run by MS from behind the scenes to turn PS fans onto 360+live.
skyblue14213  +   1623d ago
I suspected it after the third day of this incident, but it is probably from xbots and not microsoft. I am glad that you jumped on board, welcome.
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Gazman  +   1623d ago
I'm guessing only 1,626 people are the only ones aware of the site
saumer  +   1623d ago
I haven't, everything gets hacked. Look at Microsoft windows. , Iphone has been jail broken for years. Android has been rooted. Only a matter of time before they get, XBox live. The Xbox console itself has been hacked for years.

The only reliable way to keep from being hacked is to not use the internet.
strifeblade  +   1623d ago
count me in that poll, im dissappointed and lost all my confidence. i hope they fix it soon
skyblue14213  +   1623d ago
If you are disappointed and have lost all of your confidence then why do you care if they fix it soon or not?

Maybe some people are starting to feel the effects of psndrome- a withdraw from psn that effects the mind to come up with silly thoughts of nonsense that is produced by bewildered clueless frustration.

LOL, the comments just keep getting better and better. Keep them coming, lol.
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TKCMuzzer  +   1623d ago
Damn, it's happened again. I'm a PSN user and have missed out on another survey, how does this keep happening to PSN users. A poll of just over 1600 people from who knows where.
Please hurry up Sony, the worst thing about this whole experience is the amount of useless articles which have sprouted up over the web.
firetaw  +   1623d ago
same here where was this survey posted? i like surveys but i will only do them on legitimate sources and a respectable places. credit goes along, dont know why they try to cheat there way threw the system. ill give them credit on being a pest thoug.
Arkham  +   1623d ago
Sorry. My response to the poll can be summed up in one word: "Bullsh*t."
skyblue14213  +   1623d ago
I am an owner of a ps3 and I have not lost confidence in sony. This sounds like an xbot flame bait article just by reading the title. Lol you got to love the fanboyish absurdity of these type of articles as they are hilarious. I suspect some kind of voting bot was involved in this poll,lol.
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UCALIKDIS  +   1623d ago
Man just chill people shit happens all the time deal with it.......
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