Could Call of Duty Save PSN Faster

PCN:"The PSN outage is annoying everyone and the longer it goes on the more we think. We think about when it will come back on, what features we might get, and most importantly how secure our information will be. The last bit might make some people second guess purchasing straight from the PSN Store and use alternative routes, or perhaps not buy anything at all."

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xtremexx2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

*thinks* ehhhh, its a good theory that could happen.maybe

Joni-Ice2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Please never again put Call of Duty and PSN in the same sentence. I swear if you ask the 77 million PSN subscribers they would say PSN can hold up on its own without Call of Duty. Call of Duty needs to worry about saving itself from the same shit they keep releasing year after year.

Istanbull2787d ago

What a retarded title: "could call of duty"... just shut the f up

Max_Dissatisfaction2787d ago

Two things;
1. Can we all agree that PSN does in fact NOT have 77 million unique users, I mean come on. We all scream it when journalists claim 77 million personal user info has been leaked that that number is inaccurate, some people even claim to have 10 accounts just so that that number doesn't seem so high.
We can't say its not 77 million when it suits the "not so bad for SONY" agenda and then say its 77 million when it suits the "my network has more players than yours ha ha" agenda.
2. Call of Duty is the most played game on PSN so don't you even try and pretend PSN users are above Black Ops, they aren't. It is to date the only game on PS3 to sell over 10 million. Yes, 1 out of 5 PS3 owner has CoD BLOPS.

Breadisgood2787d ago

Call of Duty worry about saving itself?

Yeah maybe Bobby Kotick needs to be saved from drowning in piles of cash.

Joni-Ice2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

@ MAX...I don't how many users PSN really has but what I do know PSN does NOT need the help of Call of Duty. Also Im pretty sure PSN users have purchased a COD game in the past, myself included. What I also know is how shity the COD series got over the years and I wont be buying another COD game until they do something different.

miDnIghtEr2787d ago


Completely agree with both things said. Well said. It's idiotic to think that COD BO isn't the most played game on PSN. Easily higher than any PS exclusive.

FACTUAL evidence2787d ago

COD savin psn? lol, same could be said about xbl then.

ReservoirDog3162787d ago

Well I don't know why people are saying nobody on PSN likes CoD. That's just stupid. CoD is the best selling franchise on the PS3. Everybody has it.

And I bet you this article is right. People will cry and scream and say they don't trust sony and the maps will come out and everyone will buy them. All will go back to normal except gamestop and walmart and such will make a chunk of the profits off the massive amounts of PSN giftcards people are gonna buy.

I guarantee you, the first thing people will buy on PSN will be the maps. I don't get how anyone could think the dlc of the best selling game on the PS3 won't have some impact.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

people will continue to buy stuff off of PSN as soon as its back up, even without COD maps.

Edit-- above-- yes there are probably alot of people with more then on PSN account, I have 2. BUT, PSP also uses PSN so there could easily be more unique PSN users then there are PS3s sold. There is no way to tell how many unique users there are, so who cares.

Warprincess1162787d ago

M$ most likely has a contract with activi$ion to release the COD content first on the 360. So i don't see this happening.

slaton242786d ago

they do they invreased the gold card to 60 dollars to get all CoD add ons for 3-5 years i believe

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Dart892787d ago

Really i think more people are gonna be waiting on Infamous 2 than to worry for a pos overpriced map pack.

aviator1892787d ago

Well, considering the sales of infamous vs the sales of CoD games on the Ps3, I highly doubt the majority of PSN users are more looking forward to play infamous 2 rather than get back into cod with a new map pack.
By the way, I hate cod now, but I'm just stating the obvious.

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