Kinect Hacked to Play Portal 2

Eric of writes:

"Portal 2 is a great game but ever since I started playing it I kept wondering what it would be to play it with motion controls. While PC gamers will get to use motion controls to play Portal 2 this summer, console gamers never got the chance. But it looks like someone was able to hack the Kinect to play Portal 2."

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iamnsuperman2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Is it just me or is that a lot of lag. Still Portal 2 is a nice idea for Kinect and it seams to work despite the lag

theherp802789d ago

yeah i'm not sure if its the device he's using to record the video or if it's due to the hack. But i agree i would like to see Valve release an update for Kinect support cause it does seem to work.

Soldierone2789d ago

They would also have to release support for Move. However Valve seemed a little mad when MS wouldn't support Steam.

kevnb2789d ago

what hack? all they did was write a driver and configured the source engine to recognize an input device. Its just a mod, and I wish people would stop posting "kinect hacks". There is a huge difference between hacking and modding, and the two shouldnt be confused.

Zydake2789d ago

Screw the kinect did you guys see the second video with the Razer Hydra that looks way possible for the Move i'd like to see more of that.

DualConsoleOwner2789d ago

It is more laggy, inaccurate and glitch due to the hardware limitation.

Namely the USB bottleneck and maxed out processors

il-mouzer2789d ago

I guess the lag is due to the video recording


hydra and move work in different ways, you can't just "port" development of one peripheral to another

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Just_The_Truth2789d ago

I just can't imagine anyone having fun having to stand up and use there foot as a d-pad and there hand as a cursor just to do the basic movements. It could work but seriously how many people could enjoy that. Being able to play a game without a controller works in dancing etc. type of games but let's face unless we want the experience to be reduced, it's best that most games stick to a controller; optional would be cool though.

kaveti66162789d ago

Obviously, you've never heard of DDR.

Microsoft thought Kinect would be a hit with the Japanese, I believe, because DDR is somewhat similar in concept, except that the DDR mat has buttons, so to speak. But if Microsoft can work out the lag issues on Kinect, who knows?

The 360 is not powerful enough, or the devs don't want to dedicate more than one core to Kinect.

soundslike2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

the tipping point will have to be that something like kinect is built into the console so games can casually use it when its called for, and without alienating the audience into buying a peripheral and cutting elements just to make better use of it.
eg: gestures to interact with rare objects/people/puzzles, inside of a traditionally controlled fps/rpg/etc.
These will never be added into current games because if a dev is producing something for the kinect/move they feel like they need to justify the purchase, therefore ironically, in the long run, not justifying it.

Just_The_Truth2789d ago


Obviously you don't know what DDR stands for because i clearly stated kinect is good for dancing games i'd think that include DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION but DDR is about just pressing the button at the right time not about moving a character around a 3d environment that's what i was saying who'd would want to play a shooter or adventure game like that.
The camera in kinect isn't even fast enough to track feet moving that quickly btw but anyways i like my dance pad.
Wait why did you bring up DDR again?

kaveti66162789d ago

I brought it up because you said this.

"I just can't imagine anyone having fun having to stand up and use there foot as a d-pad and there hand as a cursor just to do the basic movements"

A lot of people have fun playing DDR, which is basically them using their bodies to press buttons.

Kinect is similar except that there are no physical buttons, just detection using the camera.

I think Microsoft just wanted to recreate the popularity of DDR and casual games like it.

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Joni-Ice2789d ago

I hate the word "HACK" now. I see that word and run the other way.

Jio2789d ago

Kinect: good for anything, but X-BOX

Soldierone2789d ago

And its the first thing in a while that you can THANK hackers for improving.

kevnb2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

hackers had nothing to do with this, nothing was hacked. Someone made kinect work on pc, and windows is open enough for things like this to be done. Next thing people will be saying the hacked the internet to make a webpage.

NukaCola2789d ago

I am a little suprised both Kinect and Move got skipped on this game. Doesn't matter tho, Portal 2 is a true treasure regardless.

PirateThom2789d ago

Oddly, I can picture how it would work with Move and the controller changing colour to reflect the last Portal fired like it does in game. The trigger would be Blue, the top button would be Orange. Would work well.

Not as well as a mouse or even a controller, but it would work.

Soldierone2789d ago

They can just use the sharpshooter...trigger is blue, pulling back on the front is orange. Or they can just make a whole new peripheral for it. Im sure Portal fans would gobble it up in a heart beat.

Zydake2789d ago

Check out the second vid on the article perfect way for the move to be in.

iamnsuperman2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Its valve they do there own thing. It took Gabe 4 years (and maybe some money) to recognise the PS3 as a proper gaming system

@ PirateThom that is a really good idea + bubble

Matronedea2789d ago

I thought it would, too. Also, I was reminded of this:

admiralvic2789d ago

Finally the kinect is useful

dwightmccarthy2789d ago

the pc razer hydra looks pretty cool. would love to see those special levels.

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