Four Minutes of Pandora's Tower

Andriasang: Lengthy (camera-grabbed) retailer promotional video gives us our best look yet at Nintendo's original Wii action title.

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Chocoboh2786d ago

So a Kingdom Heart/Heavenly Sword type game with anime inspired graphics? Not bad, though hopefuly not as linear with the Wii's limited capabilities. Just hope gamers get games and less shovelware that's all.

Venox20082786d ago

I don't care if a game will be linear or not.. just hope for a quality game..

soren2786d ago

anime graphics? that makes so sense anime is a art style lol not a graphic i hope you know kingdom heart is drawn in anime style any art drawn by the japanese is considered anime zelda is anime style metroid other m is anime sooo eyeaah

Inception2786d ago

Interesting. If The Last Story and this game got localize, maybe i will decide to snap Wii from my nearest store...

Or, i will saved some money for project cafe. Hope Nintendo give BC and free region for that console...

Mahr2786d ago

"Hope Nintendo give BC and free region for that console"

Backwards compatibility is a possibility; region-free, not so much. :-/

Inception2786d ago

Yeah, i looked at 3DS and felt this project cafe will have the same traitement -_-

But i waited for E3, hope Nintendo will give us some light on this matter...

2786d ago