Pach-Attack! - Episode 213

Is the 3DS Lite already on its way? Plus, are DVDs going out of style? Pachter gets hardcore with the hardware in this episode of the Attack.

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Darkspade2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Whats A DVD?

What the hell is "Follow Babies"? LMAO

iamnsuperman2787d ago

Fellow Babies is what he calls his viewers. Kind of creepy but that's the way he roles

Oldman1002787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Regarding pachs take on dvd vs blu ray. The issue isn't swapping disks. It's the quality of the content. The dvd isn't capable of storing high quality fmv's or audio without lossy compression and artifacts. (Just take a look at FF13 and almost every other multiplat out there with fmv's).

But thanks to the capacity of blu ray you need little to no compression as you can get the best audio quality possible and high quality fmv's with significantly less noise and macroblocking. The dvd format is holding back the quality the blu ray can provide in multi-platform games (content included).

Portal 2 is the first multi-platform title in a long time to actually take advantage of the storage capacity of the blu ray. The fmv's are of high quality with no noticeable artifacts and provides the highest audio quality possible (uncompressed).