E3 2011 will blow your face off

Scrawl: "We know it’s only been said every year, but this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is certainly one to get excited for. As if Nintendo announcing a new console wasn’t big enough, there’s so much more to be uncovered at the Los Angeles Convention Center, this June."

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GameTavern2668d ago

I rather like my face, and hope to keep it! Thank you very much.

L6RD7BLU32668d ago

most likely a nurdgasim my occur lol

TOO PAWNED2668d ago

The less hyped you, the better for you. Getting overhyped will lead to being disappointed. So don't get hyped, and just enjoy E3.

NukaCola2668d ago

I'll get giddy for Kingdom Hearts III. But Project Cafe(Wii2) is already kind of leaked so the shock value will be off, plus after the 3DS at E3 and as much as I wanted one, I played it and am completely truned off by the thing. So as the guys said above, HYPE usually leads to DISAPPOINTMENT.

AngryTypingGuy2668d ago

I can't help but NOT be excited at the thought of a KINECT-centered MS press conference. Sony's barrage of hardcore exclusives on the other hand...awesome. Hopefully MS will surprise us.

NiKK_4192668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Wanting to see Project Café, NGP news, Uncharted 3 footage, aaaand...hmmm....idk what else, oh battlefield 3 and resistance 3, but with BF3 I just mostly wanna see console versions, but I will probably get the PC version when I build my PC, so until then (unless I build it before bf3 releases, but I will still probably get both) I will get it for ps3

And of course I want to have some awesome surprises too

PLAYWATCH2668d ago

I just want to see AGENT's GAMEPLAY FOR THE PS3!!

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ksense2668d ago

nintendo new console unveiling with gta5 announcement and 3ds titles with mario being the highlight.

Microsoft will probably show halo remake, alan wake 2, forza 4, codename kingdoms with multiplats like cod,max payne 3, bungie and insomniac games new multiplat title and the rest will be all kinect based stuff.

Sony will be all over the place with titles for move like sorcery and probably another new move title. ngp pricing and more titles for it. agent, god of war 4, kojima title, quantic dream project, adrift etc....

probably hold off on getaway, eight days and syphon filter until gamescom.

Blad3star2668d ago

I think the Wii will get an exclusive GTA from R*

R* was very pleased with China Town and said also made a statement some time back about the 360 and PS3 holding advancement on the GTA series.

Solidus187-SCMilk2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Just getting the next GTA to be on the new nintendo system as well would be big enough for them.

Rock star might make ans exclusive for it, but I doubt even that. Making an exclusive GTA on the new nintendo system would be cutting out 100+ million instal base that is full of pretty much all the people who bought all the previous GTA games.

You mention gta chinatown wars, but that was also ported to PSP afterward.

jacksonmichael2668d ago

I hope that if GTA5 goes well on Wii2, we can get re-releases of the others in the series for pansies like me that have only ever had Nintendo consoles.

cannon88002668d ago

LOL I might as well not watch it then, if my face is going to blow off.

DarkSpawnClone2667d ago

I say watch it but bring some duct tape just encase...Duct Tape the Handy mans secret weapon.

NYC_Gamer2668d ago

i really dont expect much besides a lot of sequels

GameTavern2668d ago

Hey sequels aren't all bad!

And we have the prospect of two major blow-outs on brand spanking new hardware, that has to get the excitement pumping!

2fk2668d ago

i hope so...2011 is a big year for sequels