8 Creepy Video Game Urban Legends (that happen to be true)

The urban legends of every era always seem to reflect whatever teenagers are doing at the time: Forty years ago, they told stories about serial killers attacking kids making out in cars and escaped criminals hiding in someone's backseat, because they didn't have jetpacks yet. Today, most young people seem to spend their time sitting or standing in front of video game screens, so it makes sense that we should get legends like ...

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Urrakia342789d ago

Very nice and entertaining article.

FACTUAL evidence2788d ago

yes it was, not gunna lie's like 9;30 and i'm sorta creeped out...i'm gunna go to my girls house, and hopefully i don't run into the "slender man".

trippyaaron2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

dude i cant get slender man out of my head either... its creepy as hell

sobekflakmonkey2788d ago

Yeup, it's definitely refreshing reading an article this good, lately everything on here has just been crap. No Joke either..

cannon88002788d ago

Wow polybius is really freaking weird... watch this, its kind of disturbing about this game.

PhoenixDevil2788d ago

I aint gonna lie I opened that video saw something about subliminal messages and was like 'fuck this'

but that WoW one with the kids, now thats a harsh direct message gotta love some of this creepy crap :P

Squall_Leonhart2789d ago

Not bad, I liked the read and didn't even know about some of these things.

captain-obvious2789d ago

those last 2 where really whats real good in this article

Squall_Leonhart2789d ago

Most definitely I hadn't even heard of that game until now. Wonder if what they say about it is true.

limewax2789d ago

Polybius reeks of Urban Myth and nothing more, The idea of any video media being able to take such effect on people without known conditions sounds pretty unlikely.

I just dont see it being too plausible really, But yeah, great article

KeiserSosay47882789d ago

Wow, nice read. Hardly see an article worth completing nowadays. Like Mr. Obvious said, the last few were really good. Although, the shadow people in hell valley were awesome!

Lich1202789d ago

Yeah isn't it weird that one of the few articles worth reading isn't on a gaming website but rather on cracked.

PhoenixDevil2788d ago

I first read a cracked article based on a story on here about fallout new Vegas and it was so funny and well written, like this article, that it kept me going back to that site. If you've got some free time or bored at work its defiantly worth it

HardCover2789d ago

I always loved the Braid story. The imagery is too brilliant to be a coincidence :)

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