Portal 2 'Insane Cube Tricks' video is true to its name

We anticipated that we'd be seeing some Portal 2 trick videos sooner or later -- but we wouldn't have predicted the tricks therein wouldn't really involve that many portals. Check out the video after the jump to see some truly impressive cube throws, by way of YouTube user Schrobotindisguise.

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MikamiFanForLife2422d ago

Portal 2 just doesn't stop impressing me. I love this game.

ilikestuff2422d ago

this game looks pretty badass, do i have to get the first one before this one?

Ducky2421d ago

Not really, but it is recommended.

There's a lot of references to the first game in Portal2. Makes things a lot enjoyable (especially the final boss fight)

thor2422d ago

Most I managed was air-strafing to avoid using some portals in co-op :/ Didn't know you could throw the cubes like that, amazing.

limewax2421d ago

Its down to the physics the game runs off, the motion of the object before released is calculated into the motion during and after release.

Small details like this is why people love Valve so much

thor2421d ago

Yeah, I like how they've tried to leave tricks for people to try this time around. Portal 1 speedruns were full of pure glitches, this time they've thought about it and it's intentional.

I don't remember being able to air-strafe in Portal 1, it was probably possible though, after all, it's all based upon the Quake engine :)

KeiserSosay47882422d ago

The one at 1:55 made me laugh! ....and feel sorry for my own cube tossing abilities:(

mcgrawgamer2422d ago

I'm starting a new playthrough right now just to try some of this stuff out.

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