90° - Socom 4 Review

After several releases from secondary developer Slant Six Games, the SOCOM franchise has finally gotten another numbered release from series creator Zipper Interactive. Since SOCOM 4 is the first numbered game (excluding the PSP spinoffs) since 2005, fans naturally have high expectations for the title.

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RowSand2724d ago

no zombie mode? fail i wont buy this game

Chocoboh2724d ago

no killstreaks that get me a billion kills in 2 seconds? fail i wont buy this game becauseitsnotanothercodclone

ad4mb2724d ago

no children screaming down their mic? fail I wont buy this game

Heartnet2724d ago

I would take that as a joke and laugh but with 2 bubbles somethings telling me ur being serious :( hehe

Mr Patriot2724d ago

Ur sarcasm detector is broken, good day sir

leonlion2724d ago

What he meant was " this isn't on xbox360 fail I won't buy this game"

iistuii2724d ago

No children screaming down their mic's ?, sorry untrue, the day before PSN went down I had that exact same thing on Socom, and the little git's even finished top.

ad4mb2724d ago

aha, I don't have the game yet. so really don't know.