PSN LockOut Day 10 - 3 things to look forward to the weekend

Universal Playstation writes: It's been 10 days since the Playstation Network has been down, what now? It's Saturday, What eles is there to do besides whooping some ass on the Playstation Network? Well... there are 3 things to look forward to over the weekend.

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Blad3star2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I am no PSN technician but why dont they just let us play online and disable all the other feature while the do there upgrading on the other stuff.

PirateThom2633d ago

To play online you have to log into PSN, PSN's security is where the issue lies.

Metal Gear Online works though if you really want to play something online.

limewax2633d ago

MGO is probably one of the best online games on PS3 anyway, Thanks for the tip

Too_many_games2633d ago

i just tried to play MGO but i could not connect.

PirateThom2633d ago

That's probably Konami's servers being their usual selves.

It does work though.

Focker4202633d ago

"I am no PSN technician"

You should have just stopped there.

Focker4202633d ago

"1. UFC 129: GSP Vs Shields"
-Can't freaking wait for tonight, I hope GSP doesn't lay off trying to finish like he did with Koschek.

"2. NBA PlayOffs: Miami Heat Vs Boston Celtics - Game 1"
Meh, I've never cared to watch basketball, but to each his own.

Dart892633d ago
2.Going to see Fast five again:D.
3.Come back to n4g to see what Sony says about the psn.

Solidus187-SCMilk2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Im looking forward to playing some street hockey tomorow morning. We got 2 goalies with full pads and an outside street hockey rink. Only problem is its like 90+degrees here, I barfed last week it was SOOOOOO hot.

Then I might stop at my friends house and play some dungeon hunter with them. Only problem with that is I have a job interview MON. and cant smoke any weed while playing Dungeon hunter :(

blackburn52633d ago

Oh PSN, PSN. Where for art thou? I miss thee so. Come back to mine arms I will never take thine for granted again.

soundslike2633d ago

let strength be granted so psn might be mended

so psn might be mended.

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