2.0 Virtua Tennis 4 Review (Kinect)

When deciding to focus on a subset of a single format, I knew I’d stumble across some titles that would be incredibly difficult to review. The majority of them would be games that traditionally were very good, but whose development teams had decided to add Kinect support in order to spice things up a little. How do those games score? Do I rate the game in terms of the entire package or – considering I’m writing for a site that focuses solely on Kinect – do I rate them in terms of the quality of the experience when using Kinect?

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-IronMan-2640d ago

I am glad i didnt buy this junk Kinect. LOL For those who did u are all sheep.

KMxRetro2640d ago

And you're an idiot. This is one game that doesn't work properly. There are a fair few that do, and that are great fun.