Industry bios: James Allard

"James Allard was born in Glens Falls, New York on January 12th, 1969 and served as Microsoft’s Chief Experience Officer and Chief Technology Officer for the Entertainment and Devices Division of the company for a number of years."

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DolfZigglers2786d ago

I miss the days of guys like Peter Moore and J Allard being the spokesmen for Xbox. Great read.

MikamiFanForLife2786d ago

To the above: Peter Moore is still in the biz, now with EA as you probably I wonder what he did with all of his Xbox related and GTA tattoos. Wasn't it like three years in a row he got a new tattoo at E3? Anyhow J Allard was a class act and seemed like a super nice guy.

Sun_e2786d ago

^^I agree. Definately a great read. So much has changed over the years.