The Big 3 Games Of May

Long gone are the days of summer dry spells in the videogame industry. Publishers are more than ever willing to bring out a big budget title, and this year’s May is packed with three games worthy of buzz, but will they be worth our hard earned dollars?

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Urrakia342787d ago

I feel like Brink is being hyped a little too much. Probably not gonna hear about it anymore after a month or two.

undercovrr2787d ago

Yeah, brink doesn't really interest me. It seems like a Team Fortress Clone

HolyOrangeCows2787d ago

I gotta admit, I had no idea Brink was so close to release. It doesn't seem like it's been getting all that much attention.

It certainly looks interesting, though.

SactoGamer2787d ago

I agree. It's been getting some coverage but compared to what we've seen with Portal 2 and LA Noir it's been almost nil.

GameGambits2786d ago

They've sprinkled ads across various gaming sites for months and have had a steady stream of content on sites like to show the game off.

The same issue is happening with Dirt 3 and Red Faction Armageddon which are due out this month and have very little coverage as well.

dougr2787d ago

This is the first I've heard of Brink and to be honest the video didn't look interesting. I'll be getting Witcher and L.A. though.

gameguru2787d ago

you gotta be kidding... you don't find brink interesting? :O

dougr2787d ago

It looks like a shooter that you can jump in...YAY...I'm sick of shooters especially individualistic shooters. It's a dime-a-dozen game.

GameGambits2787d ago

The more you dig into Brink and what the developers have put out on the net you'll see it's doing a LOT to change the way multiplayer FPS are being played right now. From the movement, to the way something like melees don't 1 hit kill you nor do snipers, add on a layer of strategy in the form of class and weapon customization, and keep the game team based to try and change this "rack up 203498309 kills Mr. Lone Wolf," way FPS are being played right now.

I'm super excited, and I think if it's given a fair chance by gamers that it will be the biggest surprise of 2011 so far.

MostJadedGamer2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

You must be living under a rock them. I have no interest at all in Brink(hope it flops hard), and I have heard plenty about it.

Again if you are gamer there is really no excuse at all to not know what is coming out. Is this day and age their is simply no excuse for not being informed.

Heck if nothing else you should be checking the release dates regularly on Gamestop's website. Which is one of the main ways I make sure i dont miss anything I might want.

As far as DD games I dont pay any attention to them at all. If a Publisher cannt put their game on a disk then that means its not worth caring about as far as I am concerned.

Relientk772787d ago

I'm probably getting the Witcher 2

and maybe Brink I hope Brink has a demo I'd love to try it.

GameGambits2787d ago

No demo. They private beta tested it on PS3 a while back, and they've let players get hands on time with it at events like PAX East where the impressions from there were super glowing.

pr0digyZA2787d ago

Witcher 2 for me is a must . Waiting to see some scores on L.A. but will most likely get it. Brink had better get some very good scores because that one hasn't hooked me yet, but that might change time will tell.

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