Sony Confirms New Features When PSN Returns is Unlikely

Sony’s community team has confirmed that there is unlikely to be any new features when the PSN returns.

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fluffydelusions2789d ago

Well why would there be? They are working on enhancing network security. New features are the least of their concerns at the moment.

kyl2772789d ago

New features have been the least of their concerns for the past year, why can't we have cross game chat yet?

Portal 2 has cross platform chat so why can't it be done over PSN?

Blad3star2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

MS has a patent on cross game chat so if Sony wants it in a game the developers of the game have to implement it them selfs or get a company like skype to provide the x chat service.

Sony can find a work around cross game chat but they have to do it different than MS.

Edit: Off topic - can some one tell me how you sync your PS3 controller to your PS3 with out having to connect the cable?

Thanks Solid - I will do some googleing my self.

@vhetro I agree - Its either that its expensive to implement x chat or it hard to find a work around MS patent.

solidjun52789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

They may have a patent, but if sony discloses a method of doing it differently, they could get a patent similar if not the same to cross-game chat without worrying about infringing on MS' patent.

Heck, most patents are based on improvements on a current invention provided that it's novel in its use and method. So anything is possible. We'll just have to see down the line.

@Blad3star: I'm not sure if you can. I was always under the impression you needed to connect the controller to the ps3 via the usb cord in order for the sync to take place. I'll do some research to see if there are alternatives to it.

Charazani2789d ago

@Blad3star. Do you not get how patents work?

Ve3tro2789d ago

There must be a reason to why they haven't done it.

blumatt2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I hope Sony is able to make some sort of deal with Skype to get a Skype client for the PSN on the XMB, so that Cross Game Chat can be implemented that way. If Skype was able to be used anytime we wanted, that would trump Cross Game Chat easily. Because, then, PSN users could make REAL calls to anyone on their computers or TVs or other PS3s via Skype. That would be sick! If they did this, and let every PSN user have access to it for free (obviously you'd have to pay for Skype separately) including both PS+ and regular PSN users, that would make aLOT of people very happy!

Yeah, I feel what you're saying. The RAM constraint could cause issues, but a man can still dream, right? :p haha

Skype support for the PSN would be a HUGE win for PS3 users, especially if not just audio calls, but video calls were supported as well. And if they could be done in-game with multiple people. Wow! That would be epically awesome!

Even if they had to release some sort of peripheral to allow it, thus relieving the PS3 of its RAM problem, it would still be wonderful.

And I agree about the XMB "chugging" when you pull it up in-game. It kinda sucks, I'll agree. Hopefully, things like that will be a non-issue in the PS4, which will likely have 4 or 8 GB of RAM minimum, and will have in-game XMB from the get-go. I'm sure the PS4 will be much snappier when surfing through its menus.

EDIT: So, @ disagrees, do you people NOT want Skype on your PS3??? If so, why not?

NotSoSilentBob2789d ago


although in theory Skype on the PS3 sounds good I highly doubt it can be done due to the lack of RAM. yes the Ps3 is a good machine, but it has a major bottleneck in the ram. It already chugs when you are playing a game and pull up the XMB, how would it be when you add voice chat and/or video chat with all that going on. I for one don't want that kind of chugging.

PirateThom2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Cross game chat is not something you can just add and the patent isn't that big a deal.

Firstly, there's problem of exiting chat in games, the patch would have to eliminate/mute those chats on the fly and a lot of games use different methods, none of which are via the OS... they could, obviously, leave this to the user, but then there's the whole cross chat going on with people who don't.

Secondly, the system has RAM limitations, they have been working to reduce the OS footprint to give developers as much memory as they can. This is fair enough, but if cross game chat doesn't fit within the memory limits for whatever reason, it can't be added and they can't increase memory allocated to the OS because it will affect games.

Basically, the OS isn't really built with it in mind and it's hard to impliment because of that. Sony's firmware teams aren't idiots, but they also can't just shoehorn the feature in or make it only for PS+ because the cost isn't the issue, it's memory. The PS3 OS has a bigger footprint than the 360s as well, 50MB vs 32MB and it's doing a lot more. Microsoft know their software, Sony know their hardware. This isn't that surprising.

Anarki2789d ago

they could have tried to build up some new functions, such as cross game chat... I mean, they are building it from the ground up.. how hard would it be to add afew new features :D

elmaton982789d ago

There is a new thing when psn go back online and that is a new security nothing else nothing more.

PirateThom2789d ago

Anarki - they're rebuilding their back end systems, not the software on the PS3 systems.

ILikeTurtles2789d ago

Why can't just valve buy the Playstation so we can have steam instead? Steam must be the best gaming platform ever! I have saved so much money with my PC and with steam <3

gaffyh2789d ago

Guess that proves that the guy on Engadget was just an over-zealous fanboy lol.

Peaceful_Jelly2789d ago

they haven't done Cross-Game chat cus the PS3 OS memory footprint is still too high and right now there are lots of Devs struggling with the system cus of the lack of ram.

When the PS3 came out the OS was using 120mb of ram but thanks to the updates it has been reduced to 50mb but compared to the 32mb of the X360 OS, it still to high. And it's weird that the PS3 OS uses so much ram compared the X360. When you compare their interfaces the X360 OS has more color and stuff in screen while the PS3 interface is very simple and... Empty. This comes to show that MS's expertise in software is superior to Sony. But who blames them? Sony's a hardware company while MS's a software company (hence the name Micro-SOFT).

KeiserSosay47882789d ago

Why not allow Steam's chat or get someone else? I'm sure Skype or X-fire would LOVE a contract with Sony.

theaceh2789d ago

Perhaps Sony can lower their 50mb memory footprint by removing features on the XMB that gamers don't use very often (printing,sony's version of video chat,etc) to make room for Skype!!! ... ughhh.. but wait... removing features (Other OS) is what brought us to this debacle in the first place.


PirateThom2789d ago

Those features aren't available in-game, they're not really a big deal. The limitations are for in-game OS.

Soldierone2789d ago

Actually Steam could be the answer to the problem. If more games use Steam, they could enable voice and that would avoid the patent of MS. They might still go to court since MS is well...MS.

However no new features? then get the network backup....only reason i was patent before was for the hope of a better PSN interface.

NukaCola2789d ago

You can troll and bitch all you want. I just want the net back up. I have like 100 new trophies that I have gotten since I am rocking SP games and what not and I would like to rub them in my PSN Buddies' faces.

Dark_king2789d ago

@PirateThom what they need to do is cut everything that can't be used in game off.Loading the icons waste memory that probably could at least increase the speed of the in game XMB.No reason to load video icons while in game and most settings.

Mikeyy2789d ago

I agree with the statement, that there is a reason we don't have x-game chat yet.

sorry guys, it's probobly never coming.

FACTUAL evidence2789d ago


So what's the excuse for voice messaging?

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Sevir042789d ago

I dont care about Chat! i would like the network to be back and running! new features are not what i'm looking for! If anything it'll be new security features to help make this Netwrok even Stronger!

sourav932789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Actually, Sony ARE releasing new features. Read me out. Sony is re-building the PSN from scratch, which will prevent such hacking events from happening again. THIS I would think is a feature in itself as it gives the network an system more security which I think all gamers will welcome. OK, enough ass-kissing of Sony by me lol. The post says that there is "no word" about any new features. This does not mean that there won't any new features added. Maybe it might be revealed in the press con. tomorrow? Who knows. I just want PSN back up again. To me, THAT would be the best feature.

NatureOfLogic2789d ago

"enough ass-kissing of Sony by me lol"

Bubble for admitting you were ass kissing lol.

Redempteur2789d ago

last time i checked cloud storage WAS a new feature ...

it's so easy to say that sony is doing nothing that the haters don't even look at what is proposed ..

AND no i don't think that cross gameplay ( portal 2 ) was present on day One either ..

sourav932789d ago

What's up with disagrees? So you guys DON'T want a more secure PSN? Or you don't think that any new features will be announced? Well if people who disagree from now on please leave a small reply so I can know why you disagree. Thanks :)

NatureOfLogic2789d ago

It's just a relief to see a honest fanboy for a change.

sourav932789d ago

@KingElixir Lol yes I do admit I am a sony fanboy. But that doesn't mean I like to crap on other consoles like other fanboys do. I own all gaming platforms (except the Wii. Well..can you blame me?) but I enjoy gaming on my playstation the most. I enjoy my 360 for games like Gears and fable, and for multiplat, PC ftw!

But I've been a true PS fan since I got my ps1 on xmas 1995, so I have a special bond with the playstation brand. So yes I admit I'm a PS fanboy, I've always been one since I saw the 1994 commercial saying "Do Not Underestimate The Power Of The PlayStation", and I don't think that'll ever change. Peace.

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Bull5hifT2789d ago

Take off the "UN" and add "VERY"... To the title... Please

morkendo232789d ago

HOW ABOUT a article: PSN back-runing, secured tight!!

Sugreev20012789d ago

@ Plbelanger

I absolutely agree

ComboBreaker2788d ago

Well said. However, this is N4G, so I am afraid I am going to have to take your bubble, for making a sound, reasonable, and logical statement.

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bageara2789d ago

I'll be happy to just get a more secure PSN back

solidjun52789d ago

I know some are probably thinking they are obligated to put in some new feature. No...they're not. At this point, all they are obligated to do is restoring the network and making it more secure to prevent future break-ins from lonely hackers.

padz12789d ago

Seriously, Do people care about new features at the moment?
All i want is the psn securely back up and running!

Elwenil2789d ago

Agreed. So many people ticked off because PSN is down. So why would anyone want them to keep it down even longer so they can program and implement a new feature of some sort? I think getting it back up and running securely as soon as possible should be the priority. As for implementing new features and this foolish sense of entitlement people seem to have these days, keep in mind that Sony was attacked and are victims as well as those of us without PSN. Credit card and personal info thefts are retardedly common and will probably always be a problem as long as transactions and records are kept electronically. It's a fact we have to deal with today, plain and simple. Expecting some perk because you have been inconvenienced is naive and foolish. I will be happy to have PSN back up soon and I will be even happier to see the hackers who are really responsible for the whole mess convicted in a court of law. Just my .02