SG-PSP Ep #140 - Breach Around (aka Why You Shouldn't Panic)

This is THE podcast to listen to for balanced coverage and discussion about Sony's Data Breach. Without resorting to hysteria or making stuff up, the Blu Show crew dispels myths, misconceptions, and outright misinformation about the aftermath of Sony's network being hacked and why this isn't the end of the world (or Sony.) No fanboys, just facts.

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TheStonedSheep2492d ago

Great episode, balanced and calm as always.

NeonSkull2492d ago

great episode, great input from frawls as per normal. SGblue laying down some knowledge on the psn situation for reals yo.

JMyers2492d ago

I love this Podcast. Funny, smart and informative. This and EpicBattleCry are my favourites!

Undeadwolfy2492d ago

Lol this podcast. Rothbart drops some epic knowledge bombs on the PSN situation... if you aren't sure about your credit card details and personal info, I advise you to listen to this show. And listen to it anyway, its a great show!