It's time to be players, not gamers

VGW's Chris Totten: The Nintendo/Sega console war of the early 90's did rise to something that would change the cultural landscape forever: the fanboy. The creation of this species of gamer has had huge repercussions on what it means to be called a “gamer” and has shaped the popular perception of people carrying that title. In this article, I will discuss the cultural implications of branding oneself a “gamer” and propose an alternative title for those wanting the culture to move forward socially.

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Slapshot822789d ago

Great Article!

It seems the the majority of 'fanboys' are younger gamers who own the system that was bought for them. Most all of us gamers did that at one time, but as we grow older - again most of us - we learn to appreciate gaming as a whole.

I myself write from multiple renowned websites across multiple platforms and I've got enormous respect for all the different platforms. Each one holds something unique that the others don't and that is what makes owning them all great!

Competition is the main key, if it wasn't for competition then why would the industry continue to push themselves to stay on top?

geoholyhart2789d ago

"Competition is the main key" Ding, Ding, Ding! That's the corrector answer! Poster below show him what he's wooon!!!