Become a Guild Wars 2 Ambassador

Are you a Guild Wars 2 fan? Do you think all your friends should play Guild Wars 2? Summon all your creative and persuasive powers and make your own one-minute Guild Wars 2 promotional video that explains why you think people should play the game at launch. Keep in mind that all entries must be in English. Two lucky fans will win a Grand Prize trip to ArenaNet's brand new studio near Seattle, Washington, and spend the day playing Guild Wars 2 with the ArenaNet dev team!

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illidari2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Now this is exciting news after all this PSN down nonsense.

Guild Wars 2 shall be and will be my favorite game of the year.

For the mist! For Dwayna!

bwazy2665d ago

Makes me wish I had a nice video camera or editing software, gonna be two extremely lucky fans out there.