Why We Still Love Our PS3s

TheGamingReview look at the other side of the PSN outage - "here at The Gaming Review we’re coping quite well with the downtime. How? Well the beauty of the PS3 is that it does a lot that doesn’t need the PSN, and people seem to be forgetting that. So we thought we’d get our heads together and look at what we’ve been doing while the PSN is having a holiday."

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MaximusPrime2493d ago

Playing Music Round the BBQ
"The PS3/PSP combination in full effect, and ideal for socialising with actual people instead of being sworn at by spotty 13 year olds. Perfect."

haha thats true.

PoisonedMonkey2493d ago

Unless you invite spotty 13 year olds to your BBQ, obviously. Didn't think of that...

BigDan802493d ago

my mate showed me how to play music through the psp the other day. can't believe i've had a psp as long as i have and never known how to do it!

Anarki2493d ago

Have you been living under a rock for the past...forever? lol

BigDan802493d ago

@anarki, lol I think i must have. It was one of those brilliant moments when you learn something totally amazing that everyone else has known about for ages. I've been using it almost constantly ever since!!

B-Real2062493d ago

Is this through remote play? I haven't been able to get that to work since psn went down. Let me in on the secret please.

fedexas2493d ago

Lol, I discovered that myself so that makes two of us. xD

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Blad3star2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I love my PS3 and dont think I could ever part with it. My launch fatty is my baby and is in brand new condition - will pass it on to my kids 15 years from now.

Edit: Has any one been experiencing disk issues with the PS3 slims? I have had two PS3 slims that the disk does not work anymore - some times I do watch movies and fall asleep with he PS3 on so dont know if that is what is causing the the problem with my slims.

upturned22493d ago

could be the reason. Set the automatic power off function in the settings. When you haven't pushed any buttons for a set number of hours, the PS3 will turn off automatically. Look for it in System Settings, I believe.

RedDead2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Look I never even bought the Ps3 for online capabilities. That was the reason I got the 360 in the first place, just because Xbox live has a good repuatation and I wanted to "finish the fight". I got Ps3 for because my favorite series would continue on it, being GT5, MGS, Final Fantasy (Versus better not be shi*), and even with those 3 what did I get? bonus games which match those 3 mentioned, Demons souls, Valkyria chronicles, Uncharted, resistance killzone, I could go on, not to mention the Multiplats which are generally brilliant aswell. Can never forget Cod4, bad company the elder scrolls etc.

Now I have a pc but I mostly just get games from before the good console era when FPS's were leaps and bounds above console. Play AvP2 and tell it isn't brilliant, especially considering it's age, same with Deus Ex and all. There's a few good PC games which Console just doesn't do(for whatever reason, I believe they do have the power but they just aren't done yet) Stalker SoC, Crysis 1(although this is above console tech wise, the Pc barely had the tech for it when it came out).

Anyway for me...Ps3 was for my favorite games series(which it is delivering on, all that's left is FF versus to fulfill my Ps3's purpose), online on it is only a bonus to me. 360 was for Xbox live with my friends, it is good at that, pc would replace my 360 but none of my friends have it, I have been off XL gold for about 5 months now waiting for another game worth having Gold for, Gears 3 will be it.

Solidus187-SCMilk2493d ago

because the PSN is better than the Wiis online even when it doesnt work. hahaha

Its just a joke, dont get mad.

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fluffydelusions2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

The only other thing I use it for apart from gaming is Netflix every once in a while. TBH I prefer to just use my PC for Netflix anyway as it's hooked right up to my TV and navigating the website is easier.

ilikestuff2493d ago

right with ya there, the only reason i have music on my ps3 is for the small amount of games with a custom soundtrack feature

Sparticus_12493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Great article...its so much better than all the other complaining articles that want something for nothing from sony....refreshing read!

blumatt2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I love my PS3 still because, even with its few problems (i.e., PSN), it's still the most reliable of the two most powerful consoles, has the most features BUILT-IN (not peripherals), has free online, has a bluray drive, has the most exclusives coming for it, offer the most variety of genres within those exclusives, and doesn't force us to use proprietary harddrives and wifi adapters.

But the most important reason to own any console is its exclusive GAMES. Because GAMES are why we buy game consoles. If any console ever became dependent on third party games, why would we want to buy that one? We could get the console with BOTH third party games and a slew of exclusives.

Edit: For the n4g community: Would anyone of you ever buy a game console that had zero exclusives and only multiplatform titles? Just curious.

Yes, I agree, man. But, the sad truth is that many people don't realize that offline single player games is where gaming started out at, and still to this day, some of the best experiences can only be had offline (i.e., Uncharted series, etc.)

hennessey862493d ago

that wouldnt be a dig at the xbox would it and its far from lacking in exclusives halo reach is still going strong so is forza 3. One thing about the xbox exclusives they last far longer online than ps3 exclusives. They have far more features than ther nearest rivals. I have a ps3 psn hennessey_86 but i have an xbox aswell and im glad i do. I like to play the best games on both systems

MysticStrummer2493d ago

Who has the better exclusives is entirely subjective. I couldn't care less about the games you named, just like you could probably name PS3 exclusives you aren't interested in, even though you have one. Hell, I'm not interested in Killzone 3 and I'm a complete PS3 fanboy. PS3 has more good games that can't be played anywhere else, while 360 has the social networking aspects of XBL. The majority of multiplats are so close to identical as to make no real difference, but each console has a few that are substantially better than the other's version. I'm not interested in buying games for multiple consoles, or paying twice to play online, so it's PS3 all the way for me.

blumatt2493d ago

I'll add you on PSN if that's cool with you. I usually play Battlefield BC2, GT5, and I'm about to buy Portal 2 soon, maybe even today. I rented Portal 2 and I freakin loved it!! Such a nice change of pace from the same old shooter games that everyone plays, including myself. :)

hennessey862493d ago

im on gt5 pro evo 10 and resistance at the minute

humado2493d ago

why would i hate my ps3? just because of online? alot of great ps3 games are offline O.o

upturned22493d ago

haha more doesn't need to be said. You summed it up perfectly.

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