LGG: Hulu Plus Xbox 360 Impressions

Unless you're completely unaware of the giant green box under the Video Marketplace, you should know by now Hulu Plus has finally made its way onto Xbox Live.

Hulu Plus is very similar to Netflix in almost every way. From the user interface, browsing movies and show, all the way to searching for what youメre looking for. So Netflix users will feel right at home the second they launch Hulu Plus...

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evercast2784d ago

I dont know why you have so many disagrees justin but It is great on PS3 and I will be going back to that one once the PSN is back up in the meantime though the xbox version is still better than the actual hulu website lol

Masterchef20072784d ago

But this is a 360 article how could you make a comment like that here?

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EYEamNUMBER12784d ago

i liked it BEFORE i found out you have to pay 8 dollars a month i always assumed it would be free to gold members or something like that

xPhearR3dx2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

If only we were so lucky :)

@Below - That would be a wise decision. Netflix offers just about the same TV selection with no Ads, party support, and a hell of a lot better movie selection. Hulu Plus was a big let down for me because I was really looking forward to it.

EYEamNUMBER12784d ago

ive never used hulu before and i always assumed it was something gold members would have access to like that ESPN thing and what not

if im gonna shell out 8 dollars a month i actually would rather just get netflix

Godmars2902784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Sounds like it certainly wasn't worth the six month wait.

Why would you assmue it would be free to Gold XBL members? What is free to Gold XBL memembers?

And please don't say online...

Urge to kill raising...

zeal0us2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

$60/year+7.99 a month i dunno think i will stick with netflix for the time being see as its free/included into my gold membership.

but hulu offer so many great shows :(

Masterchef20072784d ago

Since when is Netflix free to gold members? From what i heard you have to pay for gold to use it plus an additional subscripcion for netflix.

zeal0us2784d ago

w8 what my bank statement been the same for the last few months even after I started using netflix.

thx for telling me now I got to cancel this mess : ( back to using my cousin's netflix account

zeal0us2784d ago

went and did my research netflix is free for only for gold members, its really just hidden in the cost. it doesn't mean you can go log in to netflix with your xbl account and rent dvd's. it just mean you get streaming to your xbox if you are a gold member.

hulu want you to pay regardless of membership status.

I will give you a bubble, if you never said something I would of probably did the same thing with hulu and would really be seeing a changes in my bank statements so thx

Max_Dissatisfaction2784d ago

Well, I finally bought an X360 on friday. First game I bought with it was Reach, not exactly the best SP but man is the online FUN! Also got Forza 3 and Alan with the 360 so its been a busy weekend. 9/10 for Alan Wake for me.
I don't have Hulu in my country so I suppose the discounted Live price is fair

rlm412784d ago

Nice! I suggest getting and playing through the first 2 Gears games in anticipation for number 3 :)

Max_Dissatisfaction2784d ago

Think I'll do that. I'm going to need a couple more gaming weekends to get my fill of Forza 3 first though, sucks you in a bit doesn't it?

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