Why an Ocarina of Time 3DS Bundle Could Still Happen

A quick analysis of Nintendo's past Zelda themed bundles, and possible future bundles.

Magicsprite writes: "Roughly four months ago, you may have gotten a serious gamer boner over the image above. I did too. After furiously scouring for the origin of the picture, I discovered it to be a fake, fan-made mock-up. I was depressed to say the least. Like so many others, the Song of Storms is constantly humming in the background of my consciousness, and I’d love nothing more than for an Ocarina of Time 3DS bundle to become reality. So, I recently decided to put my detective hat on, and I believe that the mock-up may be more than just wishful thinking."

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aviator1892789d ago

I'd be surprised if they didn't do this. I'd definitely pick one up.

eagle212789d ago

With E3 right before the game releases, it's possible. :)

bwazy2786d ago

Ugh I swore that if this bundle was released I would buy it. However I still reallllllly don't think that the 3DS is worth its price (IMO of course).