Atelier Meruru's Opening Theme Song Revealed!

Atelier Meruru's opening theme song "Cadena" by Mineko Yamamoto, has been revealed.

The article also contains an interview with the singer by 4Gamer, where she expresses her thoughts on the song.

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ThePsychoGamer2400d ago

I still think Mana Khemia 2 had the best OP song of gust games

Neckbear2400d ago

Allow me to disagree, that title goes to any Ar tonelico game, the first one for preference in terms of songs.

This OP sounds surprisingly incredible, however- reminds me of them good old Iris OPs.

chidori6662400d ago


on topic: looks beautiful this theme.

ThePsychoGamer2400d ago

sorry for stating ny opinion, don't need to get so bent out of shape about.

Redempteur2400d ago

right if you forget mana khémia 1 opening , and ar tonelico 2 opening as well

maverick402400d ago

when is this coming to the states?

ThePsychoGamer2400d ago

Most likely winter of next year, or early 2013

Redempteur2400d ago

we'll have to get atelier totori first ..

maverick402400d ago

yeah no release yet for totori!!

LordLaguz2400d ago

It kinda reminds me of Ar tonelico 2's OP.