PlayStation Network Data Breach Gives Us All A Chance To Pretend It's 2007 Again

PushSquare: "Have you heard, the PlayStation brand is in decline. That's according to an opinion piece crafted by Gamasutra's Colin Campbell. Does it sound familiar? It sure as hell does to me. In fact listening to podcasts and reading editorials this week has made me question whether I took a ride in a tripped out DeLorean against my will: it's 2007 all over again."

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Muerte24942640d ago

The fact remains that unlike Microsoft's RROD, this can be fixed relatively easy. It also doesn't require you to ship your console off to be refurbished. People also seem to forget that PS3 has outsold Xbox360 worldwide for every month of 2011. This is no small feat give that it's $100(US) more expensive then the competition. I actually commend Microsoft for taking the high road, and recognize that this could have happen to anyone. They understand that this isn't a console war issue, but an industry issue.

iamnsuperman2640d ago

+ bubbles well said. It is so true this will change how the industry deals with security and Hackers. It is good Microsoft hasn't come out and said some comment because it could happen to them to (we just do not know if someone is capable of hacking Live) I wonder if they are looking (as well as Nintendo) into their security to not have the same problem as Sony

WharenPeace2640d ago

That's spot on Muerte2494, I think the hyperbole from "journalists" is something I just can't understand. On the one hand, Microsoft was given a free pass with the RROD issue(and still does), and yet Sony has always been battered this generation.

yewles12640d ago

Muerte's comment is heroic.

DatNJDom812640d ago

Push square...... great article. Good to see there are some good journalists out there. Now this is a problem for Sony and yes it needs investigating, but the way this has been reported by the vast majority of "gaming sites" shows that professionalism is something that is lacking tremendously in the gaming media. Especially from certain big name sites (ign, cnet, cvg, list goes on). Sometimes the smaller sites are the way to go, although there are a few that need to be added to the troll list above. Don't get me wrong, if Sony or Nintendo or microsoft messes up and criticism is necessary then by all means go ahead and criticize. But to put in sensationally stupid articles is a waste of netspace. It blows my mind how the "insiders" come up with these retarded ass articles. Push square keep up the good work.

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Maddens Raiders2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

exactly. Despite touting the PS3's marked upswing in popularity and sales worldwide since 2009, "gaming journos" - and that term is used as loosely as possible - would rather take this [1] opportunity (after the PSN has been infiltrated by some yayhoo[s]), as a sign that all of a sudden it's in decline & people are abandoning the brand in mass exodus. Rubbish articles are rubbish.

MysticStrummer2640d ago

Good article, except for the title. Not all of us are pretending it's 2007 again, just a certain group.


To the journalism: ''They’re assuming the brand is in decline before they’ve given Sony ample opportunity to respond and make good on their errors. In short: the media is clambering for fallacies in order to support a pre-conceived notion.''

Blad3star2640d ago

Alfard - I like Sony as much as you...ok maybe not a die hard killing every one for Sony you but you get my point.

Sony does not owe us any thing but free stuff for us the customer/gamer is always welcomed and I support any one who is demanding something free.

LOGICWINS2640d ago

I don't feel I'm OWED anything, but we all know that it would be a good idea if they gave us something from a public relations perspective. The media would have a field day if they found out that Sony isn't giving us some sort of compensation(other than a better security system).

Not giving us something would only increase the negative around them.

LOGICWINS2640d ago

^^WOW, I've never seen people so adverse to getting something free from a BILLION dollar corporation lol. Unbelievable.

Menech2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Ermmm according to Sony themselves are personal information could have been stolen.

And regardless of if my credit card info was kept safe I still want answers. X-random person online could now know where I live my post code my full name and my date of birth.

And why am happy to give that information out to reliable sources, I am certainly not happy about it being sold on the black market as advertising info.

So I do believe Sony owes me an apology, and a good reassurance it doesn't happen again. Some people however could ask Sony to pay damages, because regardless of if you like to admit it.

Personal information does have value, And it's down to Sony's poor security that it's been taken.

Biggest2640d ago

You do know that your information is already available to anyone with an internet connection, right? Your address, phone numbers, email addresses, and any social media info is already free for all to see. If your date of birth is on Facebook (or even N4G) it is definitely available for all to see. All of those special offers that you sign up for ask if you want more special offers. If you've ever said yes, you gave even more of your information away. The only reason some of you care is because you think Sony gave it away. They probably did well before the PSN debacle.

ChozenWoan2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )


+1 well said

the thing I find funny is that back in 2007 Live was hacked... boy how short people's memories are these days.

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Prototype2640d ago

I remember in 2007 all the 360 fanboys were here talkin about how PS3 was gonna go down, how its NEVER gonna sell out 360 EVER, and 4 years later they changed their accts, gotten quiet, etc.

DaBadGuy2640d ago

They're not that quiet.

sikbeta2640d ago

You're damn right, remember this is "teh Sony fanboys site" as-well as the site flooded with loads of "teh PS3 doomedz" articles, Irony? I don't think so...

DaBadGuy2640d ago

Hey listen man I'm not taking sides I'm just saying it's not like the PS3 fanboys shut up the 360 fanboys once and for all, or vice versa. I have both consoles so I'm not taking a fanboy side I'm just saying the 360 side is still just as bad and I'm not saying the PS3 side is any better.

Blad3star2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

You do realize that the 360 is the under dog because Sony has been around the gaming industry for a much longer time and has been No 1 several times.

If any thing we got to tip our hats to MS for not ending up like Sega and the Dream Cast which Sony made sure it never had a chance.

Sure MS have dirty tactics like timed DLC but I think the 360 has made the PS3 a better console in terms of price and exclusive games. You have to ask your self if Sony would ever bother with trophies and online if MS was never here. Not saying that MS invented those stuff but the fact that they made it standard pushed Sony to implement those stuff better and for free.

Edit: Alpha please name one gaming site that does not post flamebait articles for hits and I will not come here anymore. Flamebait articles are for gamer like those gossip magazines are for teen girls.

Which one of the following articles do you think would get the most attention on N4G:

MS and Sony sharing security info with one another to better protect gamers.


Greenberg tweets Playing online is so much fun LOL

Information Minister2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

There's a common misconception, even among some of the gaming media, that the PS2 killed the Dreamcast. That is just not accurate, and things are not that simple. Sony has a share on the responsibility, just like Nintendo or even EA (which simply refused to publish for the Dreamcast) also do.

But what really killed the Dreamcast was the lack of consumer confidence, fueled by years of overpriced and poorly supported hardware (Sega CD, 32X and particularly the Saturn). Back then we simply didn't know if Sega could deliver. Then you have to factor in a considerable number of extremely poor business decisions that cost Sega millions, like this one which ended like this .

If Sega had done for the Saturn what Sony did for the PS3, the gaming landscape today would be very different.

But I completely agree with you when you say that the 360 has made the PS3 a better console. And the same holds true for the opposite. Competition favors the consumer.

-Alpha2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I remember the same thing in the PS2 days when PS2 fanboys said Xbox was going to die out. I also remember Nintendo fans criticizing PSOne, and then we have Sega vs Nintendo. I don't see the point of bringing this up in relation to the Network breach though.

There is no point in turning this into a fanboy war-- the "journalists" on the internet may or may not be affiliated with 360's but they all love to stir the pot because their motivation is about gaining hits. The situation with Sony has gotten people fearful and articles like to play on that. I don't think it has much to do with people suddenly turning on the PS3 as if Sony is being betrayed by their fans. It's more that the "media" is adapting to the situation to over-exaggerate what is happening

We see articles defending Sony and responding to anti-Sony articles too-- they are all in the same business of capitalizing on the situation.

I don't see the need to bring in console wars into this because it's much more to do with the fact that websites just try to gain hits based on the situation. And with the PSN going down, there is an immediate concern that fans have, and the media just starts that ball and gets it rolling into something bigger than it may need to be.

Biggest2640d ago

For the record: The Xbox did die.

I agree with the fear-mongering point. It annoys me that grown men and women all across the world are so prone to simple scare tactics. I am reminded of when my son ran into the house crying because a spider crawled on his leg. He learned how to deal with spiders and even if he is bitten, he'll know how to take care of the situation without dying every time someone yells "SPIDER!!!" If only the men and women writing/reading these crap ass articles would learn how to deal with life in the same way. This is nothing to be afraid of or worried about. Welcome to growing up.

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