AAG: Operation Flashpoint: Red River Xbox 360 Review

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising was a very well received realistic tactical shooter. Now with Codemasters bringing us the new iteration in the Operation Flashpoint series, Operation Flashpoint: Red River, do they improve on Dragon Rising or does Red River flow past us down the discount bin creek?

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iamnsuperman2783d ago

Sounds all right might pick this up. Even though the last was a disappointment this one sounds a little better. The series is a little more realistic than most games. What I do not like are these small unit teams taking on lots of enemies. They are US marines but there nothing like SF. There the equivalent of the Paras are in between. I would love to do a platoon strength attack that would be so much fun and different. Small squads are fine but at least once there should be a platoon/ company attack

Stewie2k82783d ago

If you want platoon sizes and actual full squads that cant take on 200 more enemies than them, get arma2 :D

iamnsuperman2783d ago

ARMA2 is only on PC I can't afford a good one

Stewie2k82783d ago

ahh well true, the game needs a pretty powerful rig... mines just barely makes it.

Solid_Snake-2783d ago

my pc can fully max graphics arma 2, it needs to as i play operation arrowhead every day. im in a clan

best fps on the market.

k4rma2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

In RR you do fight alongside 2 other A.I controlled four man fireteams and a staff sergeant. I'm sure there were other friendly A.I around too, and from time to time there's armour and airsupport, so its intense. The battles are quite large in scale for a console shooter. Its a pretty good game. A nice balance between CoD and ArmA.

The online coop and levelling your classes and skills up is a hella fun.

CrzyFooL2783d ago

Codies needs to stick to racing games. Only good Op Flash was the first one. I returned this game day one. Even SOCOM 4 is better.

k4rma2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

lol. Nah its not.

It would be difficult to complete this game in a day. The mission are pretty long, and then there the online coop and levelling 4 different classes up.

I don't think you really played this game.

And if you did, then you didn't really give it a chance. ;)

ThatEnglishDude2783d ago

Are you kidding me? The game achieved average reception from critics and generally mediocre feedback from the public.