NXT Gamer: Mortal Kombat Review

NXT Gamer's Mike reviews Mortal Kombat...

"The Mortal Kombat series has been thrown from hand to hand over the past few years, especially since its previous owners, Midway, went under. This year developer NetherRealm Studios has attempted to bring Mortal Kombat back to its violent and bloodthirsty roots – but did they pull it off?"

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Ryu75052789d ago

My brother do indeed like Mortal Kombat! With new revamped stages and new characters he enjoyed it very much! It been 10 years when he last played it!

Kee2789d ago

I like it. Great game. Really frustrating at times, but really fun. Just don't buy it if you have a weak stomach there's a lot of blood.

Panthers2789d ago

I remember when I was a kid, the first MK made me nauseous. Seeing Sub Zeros and Scorpions fatalities actually made me a little sick, but once I got over it, I couldnt put the game down. Im pretty sure I had nightmares at first though.

zeal0us2789d ago

the game is great but it still need some improving in some small areas

-record/playback feature, i love it but I wish there was button that could do for me
-move list remember what spot you was at, it gets a little annoying having to start back at the top of the list but the rb button(360) helps
-something that prevent players from spamming unblockable moves for example sheeva stomp. I can easily dodge it with some character but with others it be comes a pain.

*not improvement but things I want in the next installment*
-hara-kiri(I want to annoy the hell out of some1 trying to pull a finisher on me)
-keep the move system it got now, the old way aka dial a combo made some ppl lazy, the system it got now make ppl want to create their own combos/think, unless they like doing the basic 3-4 hit combos that only does 10-15% damage.