All Age Gaming: Beyond Good & Evil HD XBLA Review

AAG's Tyler Chancey writes: "Beyond Good and Evil is the newest addition to the recurring trend of “HD” remakes of old popular franchises from the last console generation. Having not experienced the game back when it was on the GameCube and Xbox respectively and have heard of its cult following despite an overall mixed reception back in the day, I was cautiously optimistic at its potential. That being said, the hardest thing about reviewing an old game is whether or not you review it compared to what came out originally or do you hold it up by today’s standards as a downloadable title. The answer is a little bit of both."

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Grannyvukka2669d ago

I want Strangers Wrath on my PS3. Why did the turds have to push it back just to HD up the eternally shit Munch's Odysee & release it with Wrath, Abe Odysee, & Exodus as a compilation. Damn fuckers, just give me Strangers Wrath, as the 1st 2 are already available on PSN, Munch is a game that Munch's Elton John's faggity ass, & that leaves Strangers Wrath as the only worthwhile addition to the family. It should have been released AS SOON AS PSN is back up & running ready for me to buy with no media bred fear of using my credit card again over PSN, or a PSN card for others interested, but understandibly fearful of being ripped off.

CraigGOA2668d ago

Yeah I think they just up the visuals on some old games to make some easy cash. Also I guess it gives the young gamers who haven't experienced these so called "old classics" a chance to play them.