10 of the best live action video game commercials

Reith writes: "Hearing the words “live action” and “video games” in the same sentence evokes a series of odd memories for me. It was 1996 and a group of special forces agents ran through the hills evading a pack of vicious and mutated dogs. That was Resident Evil and this is now. "

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rabidpancakeburglar2787d ago

the game genie one is just weird, really weird. I have never like that haribo advert as that little girl is creepy. The future soldier ad was awesome but that would have cost a fair amount to make

frostyhat1232787d ago

I could have sworen that was Bill and Ted!

rabidpancakeburglar2787d ago

That was exactly what I was thinking

cyborg2787d ago

are really worth being downloaded. Epicness.

BiggCMan2787d ago

Good list I thought. There are quite a few from Metal Gear I would add as well.

awiseman2787d ago

LMAO, well they arent awe inspiring but they are epik in a another way though lol.

Oldman1002787d ago

Halo commercials are incredible. Why haven't they made a damn movie yet?