Wayne Rooney: 'FIFA 12 will be the best FIFA ever'

Wayne Rooney told on his twitter what he thinks about the upcoming FIFA game.

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rabidpancakeburglar2670d ago

Well obviously, they improve upon the last one each year. That's just the sort of statement you'd expect from a guy with an IQ of 60

MintBerryCrunch2670d ago

i wonder how much EA paid him to say that

im waiting for an NFL player to say the same about Madden and how the lighting and different camera angles will make it the BEST EVER

alien6262670d ago

I wonder how much they payed him to say that

Kingsora2670d ago

Well that's not true, look at COD, it doesn't mean when they improve that it is a certainty that the game is better

rabidpancakeburglar2670d ago

In the case of fifa it is as they tweak the gameplay ever so slightly every time. there haven't been any massive adjustments since 08 though

fluffydelusions2670d ago

Wasn't this guy blaming fans for losing at the world cup?

AtomicGerbil2670d ago

Yep, calls his intelligence into question doesn't it?

Infernostew2670d ago

No, not at all. He called out fans for booing the England players after their poor performance.

AtomicGerbil2670d ago

It was as near as damn it.

Yes, he called out the fans booing as you conservatively described a poor performance, but if you had played like shit you wouldn't be spitting complaints about the crowd, you would put your head down in shame like the other 10 players on the pitch.

The trouble with Rooney is he believes his own hype and I'm sorry if you are fan but personally, I don't think he's all that special.

Blad3star2670d ago

Wayne Rooney: 'FIFA 12 will be the best FIFA ever'

EA gives cheque to Rooney : )

Does Rooney even have time to play games.

Orion2670d ago

If you follow football (what Americans call soccer), you'll see players play FIFA/PES all the time when they gather in hotels, trips, etc... They have more free time than rest of the mortals...

guigsy2670d ago

Yes, he said on his twitter that he has a 360.

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CynicalVision2670d ago

..he certainly wasn't paid to say that.

Wizziokid2670d ago

until fifa 13 next year

TrevorPhillips2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

I'm a huge United supporter. I just hope what Rooney's saying is true. I liked Fifa 2010, but not 11.

T-K47x2670d ago

Yeh same I was not a fan of Fifa 11 it was my least favourite fifa since I started playing fifa which was fifa 98 on the PS1. Hope it offers a lot more than just a roster update and a few tweaks here and there.

Snakefist302670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

I want the Champions League tournament on Fifa 12!

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The story is too old to be commented.