IGN: The Art of Brink

IGN: Ark angelic as Splash Damage give us a guided tour to Brink.

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maawdawg2491d ago

really good read. IGN has done some good articles on Brink, between this and the sound one. Can't wait for this game, they seem to have put a lot of thought into ever aspect of it.

I got to demo it at PAX a couple times and it played awesome.

Kingdom Come2491d ago

I consider it to be a highly customisable Team Fortress 2, and that is a VERY good thing...

Perjoss2491d ago

mission: enter Brink article and agree with positive comments.

outcome: success.

Ducky2491d ago

... I wonder what has more hats.

Brink or TF2.

Perjoss2491d ago

I had a chance to look through much of the Brink artwork when I was working on the cinematics for the game, they have some serious talent in the concept department.

JMyers2491d ago

I am so looking forward to this game. The combat seem unique and innovative and a change from the norm for first person shooters. That can only be a good thing.

soundslike2491d ago

"That dazzle can be in part attributed to Olivier Leonardi, the game's French Art Director who previously worked in the colourful worlds of Prince of Persia and Myst,"


*bows down repeatedly*

My only concern with this game is that there wont be enough people on ps3 playing it. gah.

Kingdom Come2491d ago

The Customisation looks simply stunning, the art style intriguing, the gameplay original. This game is going to be great, I plan on using the Medic Class, whilst my favourite class in TF2 was the Pyro, I liked the idea of the Medic, but didn't like the look or personality of the character, with Brinks customisation, I can have both the character and attributes. Also, the turret class should be a great laugh.