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Sega loves us. Yakuza 4 includes the missing content that was omitted from the non-Japanese release of Yakuza 3. The hostess clubs, the dating, and all the hotspots that make the seedy nightlife of Kamurocho exciting are present and accounted for.

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disturbing_flame2671d ago


100% agree with this perfect score.

byeGollum2670d ago

With 4 games in the series, where do I start? lol

lepolohuevo2670d ago

There is 7 games in the series :) You can start with 4 if you want but I'd recommend 1 or 2.

InLaLaLand2670d ago

Yakuza 1 has a good story but the combat lets it down a lot. Yakuza 2 is a great game and a great improvement, I love the Fake Kiryu side mission in 2 lol. I started with Yakuza 3 and loved it (although the story was not as good as the first two).

STGuy10402670d ago

Luckily, Yakuza 4 has a reminisce feature that allows you to catch up on the story from previous sequels. If you start with Yakuza 4, you'll know what is going on.

InLaLaLand2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

As the guys above stated you get a recap of the 3 Yakuza games. The storytelling is great. I recommend watching these videos, it's like watching a gangster crime thriller flick.

Here is the Youtube channel to watch the first three games:

Infernostew2670d ago

I would say start with the 1st and play them in order. Make sure you try to play all the side missions too, they really make the game so much fun.

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stuntman_mike2670d ago

what ever happened to the psp version?

InLaLaLand2670d ago

Hopefully it comes out to the west. The demo was great. Sega even released a TV series based on that game lol. The engine is based on the AKI engine, for people who liked the def jam fighting games last gen and the wrestling games on the N64 download the Yakuza PSP demo NOW!!!.

I love the Yakuza series, best series I played this generation. Yakuza 3 gave me the best surprise in a video game. I have 2 copies of Yakuza 4 but can't play them due to the PS3 not loading discs.