Into the Breach via Eurogamer: "There's absolutely no question but that this is a hugely damaging blow to Sony, and to the PlayStation in particular. The PS3 has already faced fairly significant market challenges, not least of which is the clear inferiority of the PSN services in comparison to Microsoft's more functional and widely-used Xbox Live services.

Clawing back the one-year sales lead enjoyed by Microsoft has been a tough task, arguably exacerbated by the technical and economical problems created by the PS3's over-ambitious yet poorly considered hardware design. This week's scandal shoves a stick into the spokes of that effort to best Microsoft's market position.

Even if the actual damage caused by this intrusion is minimal - and there's some suggestion that it was designed to embarrass Sony rather than to actually steal customer data, being a revenge attack of sorts for Sony's recent legal and technical attempts to prevent the opening up of the PS3 to homebrew code- the reputation damage is incalculable."

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disturbing_flame2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Actually, all over the world every government of this planet have to face a crisis that can destroy our system.
You, i, we pay everyday over 1000 billions dollars debts that banks contracted from states and governments just to face the future.

We are making of this breach something disproportionate when we know everyday our system can collapse.
Does it make people more suspicious with their banks ? Do people think of that everyday ? Do people have take all their money away from the banks ? Banks have robbed us, are our feeling and trust changed toward them ? Be serious and honest...

I think people should stop this hypocrisy toward this affair, let FBI and other professionals do their job, and let hear from Sony if this breach can be fixed.

ComboBreaker2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

The anit-Sony media really hope that Sony will die or something. They want Sony to die so bad. Too bad it ain't gonna happen.

Anyay, it's time for Sony to stop being so humble to the anti-Sony media and grow some balls. Sony needs to stop taking sh*t from the anti-Sony media and slap a few of them around a bit. Show them who's boss.

Bloggers want to specualte and write up rumors? Sue them for libel and slander. Kotaku wants to bash Sony? Blacklist Kotaku and don't give Kotaku special access to game reveals anymore. Send gifts/collector editions/etc. along with games to pro-Sony sites for review. There's so many ways Sony can build great relationship with the media.

Basically, end relationships with anti-Sony websites and focus on the pro-Sony websites only.

iamnsuperman2492d ago

"The anit-Sony media really hope that Sony will die or something. They want Sony to die so bad. Too bad it ain't gonna happen. " I know right. Its like these websites have been hibernating gaining our trust with non flame bait articles and then BAM your hit with a onslaught of doom articles. This event has shown me which websites are desperate for hits and discussion (IGN for instance with there Live in working Yes article) and the ones who have stepped back looked at the situation from a unbiased view

I can see Sony should fight back but to be honest its kind of childish to sink to their levels. Let them continue to be "Journalists"

SephireX2492d ago

How about objective sites that are not pro or anti Sony? Or maybe open-mindedness isn't for sheep such as yourself.

rockleex2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

After this whole PSN thing is over, you'll see all the anti-Sony media try to play the neutral card again.

But as soon as ANYTHING bad that could SLIGHTLY be attributed to Sony happens, all their true colors will shine through once again.

"...not least of which is the clear inferiority of the PSN services in comparison to Microsoft's more functional and widely-used Xbox Live services."

Tell me how that is in any way objective.

So some feature such as Cross Game Chat, is enough to declare PSN as "clearly inferior?" Wouldn't Web Browsing alone be enough to deem Xbox Live as "inferior" to PSN also?

The truth is both services are about on par with each other when it comes to all the features they both have, and the unique features that each one has.

I mean if you compare the Wii's network to PSN or Xbox Live, its CLEARLY inferior. But to say PSN and Xbox Live are worlds apart is just pure FUD.

fedexas2492d ago

Well...if you can't bash on the lack of games, bluray being dead, and the PS3 being dead might as well get a new scapegoat./s

That's what pisses me off about this. The media isn't concerned about the actual breach. They're more concerned with using this situation as a freaking scapegoat for their agenda.

forcefullpower2492d ago

I do find this very amusing since about month ago we where in undated with articles about how hackers deserve the right to do what ever they like with the PS3 and people on here cheering them on.

I would like all the people who where supporting hackers come into this article and defent them for this action.

I get a feeling you wont find anyone.

SephireX2492d ago

That's because hacking is okay in certain circumstances and not okay in others. Hacking is good when it provides the consumer with alternative features not when it leads to theft. In other words, some hacking is good and some is bad. Is that simple enough for you to understand?

loganremy2492d ago

wow finally a response that made sense though all this sea of nonsense. well said disturbed flame.

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Dante1122492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

We'll see when time passes on. I don't think i'll be buying an X360 though, I don't have the money to buy another system and invest in it's game library. I barely have enough to buy games on one system as it is (PS3).

NBT912492d ago

Oh look, another PSN breach article.
The CC info was encrypted, personal details MIGHT have been obtained and that is all.
Get the fuck over it already! Do you really think anyone is actually going to have their details used or anything as a result from this?

cr33ping_death2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

ALL I KNOW is this will pass. Me, my brother, my cousin and a few co workers will be back on when the PSN returns and enjoy it like we have been. I, like most people, DONT KNOW what long term effects this will have on SONY. if you want to trade your PS3 go ahead, if people really believe with all their hearts that the PS3 is a failure because its in THIRD place... well you people leave me speechless. these so called "journalist" couldnt sink any lower, spouting such BS... no i will not trade my PS3, yes ill continue buying stuff off the PSN, NO THE Playstation brand isnt DOOMED. no more commenting on these BS articles for me.

Silly gameAr2492d ago

Eurogamer sounds as butthurt as Joystiq in this article. I think We need to flood these sites and own them like Joystiq got owned. So disappointed in Joystiq for sinking as low as they did.

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