Mortal Kombat 2011: The Parry-Counter Glitch

A very annoying glitch has been found by OJuggernautO over at TestYourMight.

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ZombieAssassin2782d ago

That is ridiculous, this is stupid.

rezzah2782d ago

Simple bug that can be fixed.

At least it was found and now can fixed.

rockleex2782d ago


At least the Johnny Cage one is.

I'm gonna use this on my friends to make them trip out like crazy! XD

CrimsonEngage2782d ago

Yea luckily it will be fixed.

Fallouts2782d ago

i still even havnt got a good groove in parrying :-(.

i can block well my dumb ass always presses back block instead of front block though.

limewax2781d ago

Thats a combo breaker, parrying is in the special attacks list for certain characters.

Hence above Liu Kangs parry and Cyber Subs ice parry

Fallouts2781d ago

is that what shao khan does when he flashes gold each and every time you try to hit him first?

i still have some defense learning to do...

limewax2781d ago

Nope, thats Super Armour, its also one of the most annoying things in the game lol. Only two ways I have found to get out of that so far is attack from long distance, or have a character who can teleport and VERY good reflexes lol

Tzuno2782d ago

ahhh tower mission 300 here i come mwuahahahhhhh

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2781d ago

I believe this happened to me on the ladder challenge against liu kang, I believe I was cyrax and he continued to do that move after I got him to a certain point or he would bust out 2 consecutive crazy ass combos...I believe it was around 65 or so on the ladder.

the only way I could beat him was to do cheap sweeps to take him out. i like the challenge but damn some of them are just down right ridiculous