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Mortal Kombat 2011: Hackers Unlock Goro, Kintaro & Shao Khan

A hack has popped up on the web which allows you to play various locked players including the bosses: Goro, Kintaro and Shao Khan. The hack also allows you to play with each character in training mode. Their moves list and fatalities will also be accessible to you. (Mortal Kombat, Xbox 360)

CrimsonEngage  +   1557d ago
What's that Ed Boon? No disk locked content? First he says bosses wont be playable. Then he says they might be after the games been out a while. Then he says the game has no disk locked content when clearly lady in red and Kenshi are already in the game. (along with other combatants such as Frost, Sereena and Tonya.)
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rezzah  +   1557d ago
Those last three you mentioned are really in the game!?

Thats awesome, thought Id only see them in the map BG.

Is rain going to be in game too? I think I saw him during Story mode.
CrimsonEngage  +   1557d ago
Well Kenshi and Lady in Red are already confirmed to be DLC.
rezzah  +   1557d ago
well im sure everyone already knew that part.

Im more interested in the others.
Winter47th  +   1557d ago
Hell at least the characters will have a proper ending, a # of Fatalities, awesome X-Rays and extras. I'm down with that.
nevin1  +   1557d ago
TheDeadMetalhead  +   1557d ago
Well they would obviously have to have the characters on the disc, since they still appear as bosses, and they would need to have movesets and everything.

As for those other characters, well...
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Joni-Ice  +   1557d ago
Mark my words, Hackers WILL ruin gaming.
jwk94  +   1557d ago
This type of hacking i approve of because it's exposing devs for the liars they are.
AzaziL  +   1556d ago
day one dlc created the hack, thank the publishers for thinking it was a great idea to have to purchase the game from six stores to have all the secret characters.
bebojet  +   1556d ago
Just wait till PSN is back online.
Trebius  +   1557d ago
Very sad the route game developers are taking to make an extra few bucks ... just makes me want to pirate their game.
Giru017  +   1557d ago
Yeah, Lady in Red's MODEL is in the game (and can be seen in story mode), just like you can see Hotaru and Kenshi's model at the start of story mode, but none of them have any intros, voices, portraits, moves, special/enhanced moves, x-rays, fatalities, babalitlies or endings... Hardly sounds like DISC LOCKED CONTENT to me if the content isn't there...

As for the bosses, we'll have to wait and see, hopefully they'll release them with tweaked/re-worked moves so we can use them in a non-overpowered way
soundslike  +   1557d ago

who actually cares about playing a sluggish, repetitive character such as goro or shao kahn? Sure it may be fun once, but after that its just lame.

Get over yourself.

Furthermore, Goro and Kintaro are only slightly different than each other, and both just overpowered versions of sheeva. NRS said that they never want to have copy/paste characters in the roster, so you can really only complain about them not putting shao kahn in the list.
Vherostar  +   1556d ago
But hackers only exist on PS3 right? As that's all fanboys on here been saying lately the PS3 security is garbage so only ps3 can be hacked so this MUST be fake right?? See the 360 is more open than any other console but the differnce here is MS allow this thats why hackers don't attack XBOX live its sick. Hackers will keep getting paid content free while honest people will pay through there noses devs are only to blame for charging for this content at the end of the day and people like MS for allowing these hacks in the first place.
TrevorPhillips  +   1557d ago
woow I wish I could play as those characters.
Majors  +   1557d ago
Another missuse of the word 'HACK' is this the word of the decade that has to be used in EVERY article? This was simply an input code just like many other older types they used for consoles to unlock extra characters, weapons, levels etc etc Nothing more.
Jezuz  +   1557d ago
uh, you need to d/l something to get the hack to work. Did you even read properly?
FragMnTagM  +   1557d ago
Reading will do ya good. You have to have a JTAG system in order for this to work.

Hopefully they do not charge to use those characters seeing as how it is possible to do so with a hacked system.

But seeing as how they charge ten dollars to play online if you buy the game second hand or rent it, then that is most likely going to be the case.


Great game and all, but this kind of crap seriously needs to stop devs.
jwk94  +   1557d ago
That $10 is included in the $60 price tag so stop whining.
FragMnTagM  +   1557d ago
I SAID SECOND HAND, OR RENTED. I know it comes with the brand new game, geez.
earbus  +   1557d ago
Dam those crazy hackers.
warrior9988  +   1557d ago
i saw fujin & shinok
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rezzah  +   1557d ago
Lol even though you're obviously lieing it'd be cool to see them again.

Some of Kung Lao's moves makes me think of Fujin.
warrior9988  +   1557d ago
you fool i really saw them
rezzah  +   1557d ago
Mybad, thought you meant as playable characters.
Giant_Chibi  +   1557d ago
You know, back in my day we would simply call these "cheat codes." Believe it or not, it was normal for developers to purposefully program the game with these hidden codes.
FragMnTagM  +   1557d ago
You have to have a hacked system, AKA JTAG, so ya it is a hack silly. It is not as simple as just pressing back and A as I am assuming that is what you think it is.

That is after you download the code to your hacked system. Hope that clears it up for ya.
Giant_Chibi  +   1557d ago
Thank you, that does clear things up. Even though they linked the hacking guide, the article itself didn't really explain how the hacking process was performed. The article only spoke of using certain button commands at the ladder screen, so I assumed it was just a cheat code that you input.
xtremexx  +   1557d ago
what do you have to do to unlock shao khan? or is it just not there?
whizyup  +   1557d ago
Why are there NO Sony fanboys in this article condemning another "hack" attempt?? I thought they were righteous in their defencr of Sony's hacked PSN? Here's your proof..they only care more about defending Sony than the actual issue!

I hate ALL petty hackers..I want to wring one up by the neck
lodossrage  +   1557d ago
Maybe PS fans are in the articles pertaining to the kaz hirai press conference about psn? Just a thought.

I have a better question, why is there always one least an idiot with ONE bubble to their name always trying to start a fight? The only "proof" I see here is that no matter how things change at n4g, they'll always be the same. ESPECIALLY in regard to crying fanboys with ONE bubble
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acemonkey  +   1557d ago
shao is a cheap fighter lol
FragMnTagM  +   1557d ago
He wouldn't be so hard if his life didn't take forever to deplete.
acemonkey  +   1557d ago
i beat the tower the whole 300 and the story for some reason his more harder in story mode, i mean i fought 3!!! of him with no health bar regain. but story he was a straight up cheap Fck
dragon_rocks  +   1557d ago
The one thing I hate about MK games is if one player has lost all health and is on the ground, even then sometimes they get back up and take a healthy stance and then suddenly fall back down. That looks so stupid and it has been there for so many games now. I don't understand why they don't take care of that.
GanjaMonkey  +   1557d ago
lol i sorta like it, gives it the oldskool feel!
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Danniel1  +   1557d ago
I think that the devs must agree with you, because they could have easily gotten rid if they wanted to.
FragMnTagM  +   1557d ago
Yeah, I kinda think they did that on purpose. It has been there for so long, that it seems it was done on purpose. Doesn't seem to hard to take it out of the game.

This MK is pure fan service. And i love that fact about it.
Fallouts  +   1557d ago
i agree it does look dumb.. the other thing i wish they did was after such a devistating move like xray for the fighter to actually be hurt.

it would of been awsome is say i did an xray and crippled sub zeros arms so now he cant do his freeze move. and to balance it it shouldnt be so easy to get the xray move, cause it is kinda easy..
Croash  +   1557d ago
No, that's not the point of X-Ray moves.
They are not supposed to give you such an advantage, because then it would mean your opponent's gameplay would be altered and therefore pulling off crazy combos would be harder for them.

The game's gameplay must stay the same throughout the fights to ensure everyone plays the same way and to balance each fighter based on their own moves.

And just look at Baraka's X-Ray, or Kitana's. They're almost like fatalities.
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Fallouts  +   1557d ago
i hope they are not pulling a cpacom. i understand the bosses being in the game, cause they are.. but not the others..

i hope they add rain..
Giru017  +   1557d ago
ummm, the others are hidden characters in ladder mode and Cyber Ninja LK4D4 is (classic) Cyrax in story mode.
LoneWanderer09  +   1557d ago
Hackers are destroying gaming
josephayal  +   1556d ago
Cant wait to play KRATOS in my XBOX 360
oghost85  +   1555d ago
you wish lol

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