Cnet- Madden 12: First Look in Time Square

Cnet: "Cnet played the latest Madden in Times Square on the eve of the NFL draft, but is it enough to help rehabilitate a precarious NFL fanbase?"

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MintBerryCrunch2787d ago

lighting and camera angles

if EA went and bought the rights to these buy the game day 1...hell they even have the espn license and still refuse to implement it in the game

jeseth2787d ago

I'm just praying they reach a labor agreement. That's part of what makes Madden great . . . once Madden comes out you really start to get that excitement for the new season.

No NFL and Madden just won't be as fun.

damnyouretall2786d ago

for the last 10 years ive only bought madden every other year. kind of justifies the purchase cause they hardly improve shit and they ruined my 2k series. sucks i have to skip another year cause of the lockout. i love football and i miss the old days, feel me