G4: inFamous 2 New Enemies Preview

G4: "With inFamous 2 less than two months from launch, G4 learned a great deal about the gameplay tweaks Sucker Punch has applied in order to take the super-hero sandbox game to greater heights. The revamped main character, insane new powers, and innovative mission-creation system have all been discussed at length, but one of the original game’s weaknesses—the bland enemy design—hasn’t been touched upon. Our latest look at the game has finally shed some light on some of the game’s most fearsome new creatures as G4 checked out two new missions.

The “Behemoth” is, by far, the largest creature to ever cross Cole McGrath’s parkour path. Resembling the Leviathan from Resistance 2, the Behemoth laid waste to the streets of New Marias with Cole’s powers serving as the only way to stop the carnage."

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ComboBreaker2788d ago

for having to go against the epic-ness of inFamous 2.

blizzard_cool2787d ago

I don't think SP is worried about Prototype. From the get go they said they wanted to do a leap like Uncharted: Drakes Fortune to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

They're just trying to be awesome.