If Jaffe Doesn't Know Words, He'll Tell You

In today's installment, Jaffe explains the challenge some top developers face in being fairly compensated for their work relative to the revenues they bring in, discusses his hopes to eventually cash out of Eat Sleep Play for a big windfall, and talks about his desire to work on experimental games once he's gotten truly paid.

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synce4075d ago

I don't know why, but I just hate this Jaffe guy. I really, really hate him.

emaddox844075d ago

Ha, he may be kind of blunt, but I think he's hilarious.

bym051d4075d ago

Did the author take the picture with his cell phone? The picture at is horrible.

Karebear4075d ago

We all are struggling with what we are paid versus the revenue we bring in. When CEO's are making 262 times the average worker's annual pay there is a real problem.


Without us, everything stops. Something is seriously broken here.

THE_JUDGE4075d ago

that Jaffe has said he doesn't want to work on big games anymore, Sony could use a new big IP for this generation!

MK_Red4075d ago

Agreed. I hope he gets back to big games one day and starts a new and huge franchise like God Of War.

mastershake1004075d ago

hes probably working on the new twisted metal for ps3, they say they are making mostly mechanics driven games like warhawk and twisted metal and jet moto and the like. right now they are porting the psp TM to ps2, it should be on psn imo. but yea he is back with the old team he made twisted metal 1 and 2 and black with so its a no brainer they are making a sequel.

i want a jet moto sequel too. but yea its sad he wont make a game as big as god of war anymore, what a douche, hes whining about money well then make another GOW calibur game instead of calling all cars. then you can put your kids through college and buy all the weed you want(he has pics of weed he bought after the deal he made with sony on his blog)