G4: Driver San Francisco Hands-On Preview

G4: "Ubisoft Reflections, formerly Reflections Interactive has been working on the latest installment in their Driver franchise, and this time they’re bringing back their original wheelman, Tanner. G4 knows that a new gameplay mechanic, known as Shift, will play a big part in Driver: San Francisco.

It’s a bold design change, where Tanner instantly transports himself into the bodies of other drivers. As a positive, it saves time from having to walk on foot and carjack. On the questionable side, it’s a rather fantastical feature."

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viperman2402789d ago

I know this game has been in development for some time now but it looks very mediocre. I wouldn't be surprised if this will be the last driver game seeing as how Atari doesn't make great games anymore.

Also something that bothers me is the jumping from car to car, that pretty much takes away any difficulty if you can just jump into any car while your doing a mission or being chased by the cops.

Best of luck to that studio.

eddie4202789d ago

You really "Researched" this game/s Thats how you know (Atari isnt even funding this game)! Before judging a game,Why not play it? That normally helps! Also, if u really did look for info on the game, You'll see that Ubisoft is funding it this time and there actually giving Reflections plenty of time! And all the videos that ive seen, the game looks Amazing!!!!!! Licensed Cars, Destructable Environments, Realistic Car Handling and a huge city to explore!! Im buying Driver Day One!! PSN I.D. ArroyoSavage925!!

Morbius4202788d ago

Who'd want to waste hard-earned money researching a has-been franchise game with a premise such as this. No thanx I'll pass.

rage0hh2788d ago

i agree with viper, being able to jump into a new car with out getting out of a car is stupid.. I would rather shoot down a car until they stop and then kinda gta style where you beat the shit out of them whilst throwing them out, much more thrilling. And best of luck to the company, the car jumping mechanic is an off put for me

Mr Patriot2788d ago

They fucked the pooch on this one

eddie4202788d ago

OK, Lets all play/make a game just like every other Free-Roam Sandbox game! Because "NEW" things in the video game industry is totally played out! You guys are lame! Why visit an article about the game if ur not interested?? Your probably mad that it was made for the PS3, Then ported to the xbox! PS3 FTW!!!!!!! PSN I.D. ArroyoSavage925