Congress Has Questions for Sony About Attack

The United States government has demanded answers from the Executive Deputy President of Sony, Kaz Hirai, which has been uncovered via a leaked letter to the Sony executive.

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toxic272490d ago

Kaz, you deserve this for being so silent

SpaceSquirrel2490d ago

I hope he can reassure the 50 plus million PSN users

sdtarm2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Are you dumb?

I meant it to toxic js

JackBNimble2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I think Sony has their their ass covered, they imediately brought in a third party.
(sonys words)
"then brought in outside experts to help us learn how the intrusion occurred and to conduct an investigation to determine the nature and scope of the incident. It was necessary to conduct several days of forensic analysis,"

I believe how Sony handled the whole situation was the only way that it could have been handled.

When Sony new what was going on they told us. Why would Sony postpone telling us the truth when they new they had "NO CHOICE" anyway?

The F.B.I can brief Congress
I doubt sonys actions will be percieved as negligent in the end, and authorites will realise it very soon.

ComboBreaker2490d ago

The only branch Sony answer have to answer to is the Court (and other regulartory agency).

WhittO2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Everyone is going on about how Sony hasn't told us ANYTHING, well, have they not been reading anything on here the past week?

What are Sony supposed to do to make these people happy, lie to them, say everything is fine and will be up in a week and not to worry at all??

Or actually warn people there MAY be credit card problems, they are looking into it and have alot of people helping them do so and to be cautious in the mean time, saying they are doing their best and will update as soon as THEY actually know something.

These things take time and the fact they are re-building PSN within a week or 2?? TBH I'm surprised it's even getting done that quick!

Imalwaysright2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

@ WhittO Sony should have told us from the get go, wich they didnt, that our info was compromissed. No matter if they werent sure if our cc information was compromissed or not we should have the RIGHT to act upon it immediatly because this is no kids play, its our hard earned money we're talking about. Imagine if our money was indeed stolen because Sony didnt told us right away that our cc information was stolen, then what? Wouldnt you be blaming Sony? It took them a week to warn us and to me they were either utterly incompetent or negligent.

AtomicGerbil2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )


Just like XBL, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Amazon, Play etc. do everytime they get hacked? Oh wait...

I know you don't hear much from anybody else getting hacked like this, but that's my point, how much are we actually told.

Trebius2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

This is a list of companies that compromised peoples personal information in APRIL ALONE through hackers and other reasons out of their control.

• TiVo
• US Bank
• Capital One
• Home Sopping Network (HSN)(added 4/3 @10:22am)
• Ameriprise Financial
• LL Bean Visa Card
• Lacoste
• AbeBooks
• Hilton Honors Program
• Dillons
• Fred Meyer
• Beachbody (Makers of TRX)
• TD Ameritrade
• Ethan Allen
• Eileen Fisher
• MoneyGram
• Verizon
• Marks & Spencer (UK)
• City Market§ Target
§ Tiger Direct
§ Best Buy
§ Capital One
§ JP Morgan Chase & Co.
§ Kroger
§ US Bank
§ Citi
§ McKinsey & Company
§ Ritz-Carlton Rewards
§ Marriott Rewards
§ New York & Company
§ Brookstone
§ The College Board
§ Home Shopping Network (HSN)
§ LL Bean
§ Disney Destinations
§ Barclays Bank of Delaware
§ Air Miles
§ Red Roof Inn
§ Hilton Honors
§ Beachbody
§ 1-800-Flowers
§ The Home Depot
§ New York & Company
§ Bebe
§ Wal-Mart
§ The Ohio Department of Natural Resources
§ McKinsey & Company
§ Walgreens (Again!)
§ The College Board (added 4/3 @8:20am)
§ Disney Destinations
§ Best Buy
§ Robert Half
§ Target
§ bebe Stores
§ Ralphs
§ Fry's
§ 1-800-Flowers
§ Red Roof Inn
§ King Soopers
§ Eddie Bauer
§ Scottrade
§ Dell Australia
§ Jay C
§ The Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Didnt see THESE get blown out of proportion or even get MENTIONED on any news outlets.

Washington-Capitals2490d ago

Wait how are people mindlessly agree with you? Where is your source? How can you just post a list like that? Give me the link, i want to read for myself.

HSx92490d ago

I find it really funny how SONY fanboys on this site claim that this document is fake when it is being hosted by a legitimation source.
And the idiots saying this is an FBI letter... then you are an idiot, the FBI is a security organization not the Congress.

Biggest2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

A security organization. . . Run by congress!

As an American I know full well that Congress has no gotdamned clue what they are doing most of the time. Any group that panders to birthers, calls people "senior killers" for cutting Medicare funds and then proceeds to attempt cutting Medicare funds, and protects the wealthy (Did you know that the 4 wealthiest Americans have more worth than the 200 million least wealthy in the country combined?) can kiss my ass. Please stop representing my country.

HSx92489d ago

I do not represent your corrupt country and people like you make me thankful for that.
The FBI is supported by congress but when congress sends a letter they don't randomly have an FBI Seal on it, that would have to be an FBI Letter, Congress supports many groups, you don't see all their stamps on a letter congress makes. Stop acting so patriotic, I could careless, and others don't care how cool you are either.

Biggest2489d ago

I wasn't talking to you, smart guy. I am speaking of the congressman. I'm not sure where you got all the other junk you said, but I am glad that you think I am cool while not caring about it.

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Joni-Ice2490d ago

Fake...Any FBI document requesting information about something so important as this PSN case will have a FBI seal on the document. Where is the seal?

SilverSlug2490d ago

The problem with the leak is, 95% of the negative information has turned out to be false. I think the misinformation is hurting Sony more than the hack is.

ugabugaz2490d ago

It's not an FBI document. Plus the PDF is being hosted by the NY Times. Doubt it's fake.
See the url there? NYTimes

zeal0us2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

lol g.k butterfield that our republican representative in north carolina, that guy doesn't look like care about psn

documents like this wouldn't get easily leak plus wouldn't it be address to the Sony's american head/leader or something and not the person who is most likely in japan.

even if this is real from the looks of the document, it don't look like he(kaz hirai) is being corned just a simple check up from the looks of it.

Joni-Ice2490d ago

The signatures almost looks the same.

fedexas2490d ago

Yep. This situation is really getting out of hand now. Fake articles, fake documents being's unbelievable.

HolyOrangeCows2490d ago


What did you expect? With the insane amount of negative press even when the PS3 was crapping out diamonds of games; this "FUD Field Day" hasn't surprised me in the slightest.

Like you said, almost nothing said has been true. CC info leaked unencrypted? False. Profiles/trophies being deleted? Busted. Passwords leaked? Fake. PS+ cloud data gone? Nope. PSN caused the tsunami in Japan and tornadoes in US? Well, that one hasn't been made YET....

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shoddy2490d ago

the police is reponsible to catch the hackers.

now my question to Congress is how and when are they gonna get this cyber criminals?

Ding2490d ago

Personally, if I were an American, I'd be more worried about congress's security, when their communications can be so easily leaked.

Physician, heal thyself! ;)

Not that I believe this rubbish is real anyway.

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iamnsuperman2490d ago

Warning....This title is sooooo not what the articles is about.

toxic272490d ago

That's why it's a rumor buddy

Joni-Ice2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

You cant have a fake document and call it a rumor. It not a rumor anymore. Its just fake.

Mr Patriot2490d ago

And you got pawnd by Joni ice buddy ..

rabidpancakeburglar2490d ago

Have they not already got all the answers they need? Sony was breached by a hacker(s) and they shut down the service because of the risk to users information. They revealed that credit card details could have been accessed but they were encrypted so it was unlikely.
Maybe they are reading this and can see that they already have answers

Legion2490d ago

The previous reports state that the files were NOT encrypted.

n4gisatroll2490d ago

Well...I don't see why Sony would lie about the cc info being encrypted. Personal info such as your address isn't encrypted though.

Legion2489d ago

Lets see... they lied about PSN users needing to use CCV code during purchases. They lied about not knowing why the PSN was down in the first place.(they took it down themselves)

They stated the CC table was encrypted not the data itself. And yet they stated that the card numbers and experation dates might have been compromised but not the CCV security codes. If the table was the sole source of storage for the CC info and it was encrypted then no need to think that the CC info might be specifically stolen in such a specific way. Thus the conclusion that though the CC table was encrypted... data with CC number and experation dates was still possibly compromised elseware.

Bigpappy2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

There are the same 2 issues we have been concerned about: Time lapse between discovery and disclosure; Credit info still a problem.

@ above: May be the fanboy explination is not good enough for LAW makers.

rabidpancakeburglar2490d ago

Please elaborate. I think you'll find that what I have written is what sony have said about the situation and not the 'fanboy' explanation

blackburn102490d ago

Still trying hard to troll I see.Credit info is not still a problem. No one can use the encrypted data and banks have said there is evidence of any illegal withdrawals. Your beating a dead horse at this point

fedexas2490d ago

Desperation will get you nowhere so give it up.

gamingdroid2490d ago

I think Congress wants a little more information than "your credit card information was encrypted and may have been compromised. Everything else was not encrypted and was taken!".

It is good that government keeps companies in check regardless of if they mismanaged or not.

n4gisatroll2490d ago

I honestly don't understand how the US government is in this unless the hackers are in the US, in that case they better find these guys and get them in jail..

gamingdroid2489d ago

I believe that is the FBI's job and Sony cooperating.

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disturbing_flame2490d ago

Weird this letter has no official seal from the US gov on it.

eggbert2490d ago

implying they'd actually leak a letter.

disturbing_flame2490d ago

I have no doubt of the actual authenticity of the procedure. Don't misunderstand me.

I just think that there are some part missing.

ugabugaz2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I trust the NY Times not to host fake information. Would be rather embarrassing. PDF is hosted at NYTimes.

Edit: The document is in the original story, but sure.
Edit: Added both the Articles and just the PDF

disturbing_flame2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

thanks that's better.
feel free to add this document in the alternative links/source.

radphil2490d ago

"I trust the NY Times not to host fake information."

The irony of that is in a paragraph later on in the blog:

"Although Sony says it doesn’t have evidence that customers’ credit card numbers were stolen, on Thursday I reported that hackers on underground Web forums had claimed to have access to a database that included PlayStation customer names, addresses, usernames, passwords and as many as 2.2 million credit card numbers."

The "Thursday I reported" link shows him seeing it from a forum. >_>