SFX-360: Prince Of Persia HD (PS3 Review)


Prince Of Persia has had a long storied career as a video game character even making a stint in a few other media forms. Starring first in the PC game Prince Of Persia he would weather many years and many different systems. Brøderbund took the first stab at the game series but the prince would soon take a jump to Ubisoft. Starting mainly as a 2d platform the Prince of Persia games have as of recent become a 3d adventure for this generation. Each game holds a unique place in gaming history no matter if you are a classic gamer or into the new generation you can find solace in knowing this game series has it all.

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Kamikaze1352761d ago

I love these HD ports, but the Prince of Persia trilogy was...really bad. The games are awesome, of course. However, it's like they didn't even try to make it good. In God of War and the Tomb Raider collection we at least got some updated textures. It didn't matter in the Sly collection since it's a cel-shaded games.

lsujester2761d ago

As much as I love the originals, it seems Ubisoft totally half-assed this. The sound is atrocious. Not the score, mind you, but the sound effects. Volume is way off, pops in and out, etc.

Ubi's laziness really makes me worry about the Splinter Cell Trilogy.

DarkBlood2761d ago

its great i just finish it in practically less then a week
and im replaying them again

easy 3 plats there and its more fun to get them since im a huge fan of the series