Bitmob | How Mortal Kombat redefined itself and the single-player experience

Mortal Kombat's rich single-player content has helped make it one of the best fighting games ever.

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choadley2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

No mention of BlazBlue's story mode? It's completely text-based and could use some trimming down, but it was more of an effort than what Capcom did.

Tolkoto2790d ago

It was certainly good, but still not on MK's level.

choadley2790d ago

I agree. The length of time was way too long for my taste (hence the trimming down comment). Guilty Gear's story mode had a better pace, though the requirements for alternate paths are crazy in comparison.

rockleex2790d ago

I just don't like BlazBlue's gameplay.

Its not as fun as Guilty Gear. Its also harder to get a hang of.

Mortal Kombat got almost everything correct.

Only thing I'd ask for is create your own character, and quest mode.

willie322790d ago

MK's single player has really helped me through the PSN outage.

soundslike2790d ago

Lets be real though, they just set the bar...back...into place.

Its just that standards have been lowered repeatedly over the last few years so much that we've reached the point of:

"A *finished* game?? whaaaaaaaa?! What sort of trickery is this?"

zeal0us2790d ago

I did like the mk story mode, it was pretty interesting and some unexpected stuff happen like the death of _u__.
the next part will be interesting. I hope they fix the record/playback, move list(I mean instead of having to start at the top every time I go to it), add brutality and friendship back. I know adding hara-kiri would be fun, it would piss ppl off they are trying to do a fatality. Forgot about animalities
I wish there was something that would redefine mmorpgs or mmofps. Because really some of them are starting to look the same, too many generic rpgs with the same ole elements, grind,quest and dull pvp. mmofps is in the same boat some are just inbalance, $$$-horde and poor security : (.

admiralvic2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

You pick on Capcom which has NEVER expanded on the story of Street Fighter... and the characters are not as interesting as the MK characters. Most are fairly normal stereotypes. Marvel vs Capcom on the other hand; does anyone really want an written explanation of why Marvel and Capcom are in the same world? I sure don't because its trivial. Moving past defending Capcom...
Mortal Kombat did nothing special here. The mode doesn't change the gameplay in any way shape or form. Nor did the story add much to the series... Due to its base in the past; most of the data used in "story mode" was taken from preexisting reasons. Very little of the story was "original" content and not just taken from a stated source. I find this to be a bit more lazy as its nothing new.
The great irony here is that Mortal Kombat deception had a far better story mode and went WAY beyond what were calling "redefined". So yeah this step backwards for the series is indeed redefining a series...

Deceptions story mode for anyone who didnt see it.

Croash2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Really? Konquest mode?
With its awful voice acting, outdated graphics (the open world, not the fighting arenas and character models which were awesome) and bad cutscenes (animations, camera angles, everything is awful)?
I can understand it can be fun to walk around the different realms and see many characters of the franchise but it wasn't nearly as polished as MK 9's story mode.

MK 9 gives you interesting cutscenes to watch and seemless transitions leading to actual fighting which makes the whole story mode more enjoyable and interesting. For the first time I actually cared about the characters I was playing with (even though I felt that Kabal's *death* wasn't as dramatic as it should have been).

I'm not saying the idea of Konquest mode is bad, I'm saying it wasn't done properly and eventually became boring, though Shujinko's evolution was something nice. It could be given another go on this generation of consoles and I'd say focusing on a single character or having different story modes could be something really interesting to develop each one's background (unlike MK9 which gave each kombattant a mere 20 minutes of character development).

TL;DR : Konquest mode, as an idea, is more interesting than MK 9's Story mode but the way it was done made it less fun to play. Video games = fun comes first. MK 9 wins.

A more recent fighter game, Tekken 6, also had a story mode, and it was kind of decent, but still not interesting when it comes to the plot and the actual fighting (it was even awful at certain moments... try to turn a fighting game into a Beat them all).

admiralvic2790d ago

I am not saying Konquest mode is the best thing ever... I felt it was very long and quite unenjoyable. However I do feel that Konquest mode was a better attempt at "Redefining" the fighter than MK (9). The moment you start praising a game for animating basic plotlines... We start to have the problems mentioned in the actual article. In a simple overview Konquest mode offered a better attempt at being "more than a fighter"; then 9 did.

Croash2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

(Sorry for the long reply...)
Then on that we agree.

Konquest was an attempt at building a real single player story mode around a fighting game, similar to an RPG, while MK 9's story is composed of cutscenes and fights which is what it has always been.

So I perfectly understand your point. It was a bold attempt. It was made so that MK would be more than a fighter, possibly to avoid the repetitiveness of them.

I still believe, however, that MK 9's story redefined Mortal Kombat as it provided us with something compelling enough to make us play until the end (whereas Tekken 6's story mode almost made me quit out of boredom and frustration).

Try to imagine if every fighting game you know would at least have such a mode, made in a similar way.
We all know arcade modes ending with a cutscene telling us about what happens after the character wins, Tekken, Street Fighter and Soul Calibur do that and even this Mortal Kombat does it with its Ladder mode.

But never before have I seen a fighting game with an actual plot making characters fight for a reason and making the environment part of the story (like the streets under attack from MK3) instead of simply being a background. (I don't know anything about Blazblue though).

So in the end, such a story mode is a step forward, not only for MK but for the whole genre. While Konquest had a greater scale, it wasn't created as a means to link every part of the game together. It felt more like a bonus, something different to make you rest before fighting again.

Then again, that's my opinion. Now what I want to know is where the series is heading to now that the reboot is complete, and I hope Soul Calibur 6/Tekken 7 or any other fighting game will benefit from Mortal Kombat's return.

admiralvic2790d ago

I personally found the mode boring in 9 too >.> but most likely for different reasons. Since the game follows 1 - 3 and quite closely (some differences here and there). The main story which WAS present in the originals; was just made more apparent. The character backgrounds were also around (as I stated in post one) and in doing added far less. Scorpion wanting to kill subzero was nothing new and was stated several times for instance. It's hard to praise a game for making existing content more apparent.

Moving past MK; Blazblue does a good job of making a story and is to an extent better. The only problem I have with it, is that its a lot of reading. I do disagree with Tekken 6 though. I actually liked the story (seemed to be the only one), but I will admit some parts were quite annoying.

In the end... maybe I just am impossible to please. Praising a game for retelling you the same story is no different than buying super street fighter IV arcade 3d move kinect uber duper 21 edition. Just another tacked on mode which changes nothing.

soundslike2790d ago

Not nearly a step backwards, but it IS funny that people are praising all the stuff that they bashed in Deadly Alliance and to some extent Deception (except for the 3D roaming which was purely a matter of taste imo.)