Socom 4 Shotgun Slugs In Action With Some Major Range

Didn't pre-order at gamestop? Wonder just how good those shotgun with slug rounds are? Watch the video and find our for yourself and be jealous of the shotgun made sniper if you didn't pre-order.

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killajd2398d ago

Why in the world are we sniping with a shotgun and its working??? Thats not good

ComboBreaker2398d ago

That's the best shotgun ever dude. A shotgun that's as good as a sniper rifle.

HolyOrangeCows2397d ago

And this is why we shouldn't have weapons as Gamestop pre-order codes (we shouldn't have any pre-order codes, really....).

That is bull.

colombiankilla012396d ago

shotguns are letal at long range just because on CoD is only close range doesnt mean is real!

Slapshot822398d ago

It's really no different than on Battlefield 2, where you could in fact do the same thing - snipe with a shotgun!

SixZeroFour2398d ago

that was only if you added that thing to make it have better accuracy, it made it less powerful tho unless at close range

im-12-years-old2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Yes the slug upgrade, same being shown in this video

hmmmm2397d ago

Yep and in hardcore mode the shotgun slug and magnum ammo will cause instant death from no matter how far away and no matter where it hits you.. I love the shotguns in that game :) Still it does take skill to hit people from that far away quickly when they are shooting at you as everyone uses scopes in BC2.

Dogs_PinoyPOOD2397d ago

well.... it is a slug bullet, so stop complaining

I_Guts_I2397d ago

To everyone watching this vid and thinking the shotgun is way op.

I am the editor and player of the video and i can tell you those long range headshots were long and lucky. I would have to fire up to 4 times in order to hit them in head from that far and the only way i would actually kill them is if i hit them twice which is easier said than done.

Main thing is if you are have the slightest amount of skill in this game you can beat someone with a shotgun trying to do what i did in this video.

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killajd2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Never in history of shotguns has it ever been able to snipe from a distance!!! It is a close quarter combat weapon.

MidnytRain2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

On the one hand, it does look very (too?) effective. On the other hand, BATTLEFIELD: Bad Company 2 had an attachment that allowed me to do the same thing. I could take out snipers from *very* large distances if I had the slug equipped.

BattleAxe2397d ago

That was one of the worst things that people complained about in Bad Company 2. It doesn't make it anymore right.

MidnytRain2397d ago


Logically, it makes sense for people to complain about a one-hit-kill weapon that's effective at all three ranges. But personally, I didn't feel it was a problem. I was one of the few players I knew that actually ever used it; I hardly ever encountered it online (I played on the PS3). This may be due to the fact that in head-on, medium-close range confrontations, one needs to be skillful and accurate. If the present opponent is a decent player, it is crucial to land your first shot. If you do not, chances are, you'll be dropped while trying to pump your next round. In this way, I feel the attachment is balanced.

hmmmm2397d ago


Exactly! I play on the 360 and i platinumed the 870 and almost platinumed the other pump shotguns using the slugs. People complained but many of the people complaining only did so as they couldn't do it right!

I can understand on the pc i guess as a mouse is very accurate but on a controller it does take some skill to hit first time nearly everytime!

soundslike2397d ago

the range that most people think is "long" in videogames only looks far because of the camera and resolution

sobekflakmonkey2397d ago

Shotguns shoot a lot further than you think they do, and they are a hell of a lot more accurate too, especially when your using a slug.

And I'm talking about real life.

mindedone2397d ago

I'm not familiar with shotguns at all, are they accurate from 100yds+ like they are in the video?

sobekflakmonkey2397d ago


Slugs can go further than 500+ yards depending on the Slug size etc, accuracy depends on a number of things, including the person holding the shotgun..

TooTall192397d ago

ever been hunting? Shotgun slugs do have range(up to 50m, maybe more), and this is the first game that correctly shows the advantages to slugs.

MidnytRain2397d ago

I disagree; If properly used, the 12-gauge in BFBC2 could be devastating.

Raider692397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Yes Shotgun slugs have 40 to 50 meters range but the representation of the power shot is wrong and too much overpower!

DaPrintz2397d ago

You're exactly right. As an any avid deer hunter would point out, any 20 gauge or 12 gauge shotgun can do at least 50 to 100 meters(with scope or modified barrel). A mossberg 850 can do better than that.

im-12-years-old2397d ago

Does nobody read the part about slugs? Ofcourse it can shoot far.

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Klaykid1232397d ago

That's so ridiculous. Do want.

Newtype2397d ago

Why are people complaining? It probably got patched by now, PSN hasn't been online since Socom 4's launch.

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